If You Have a Disability, Social Security Can Help

Father and two daughters October is Disability Awareness Month. For Social Security, disability is always at the forefront of our conversations. We hear stories daily about Americans living with disabling conditions who need help from the system they contributed to during their working life. Their stories make us proud of the work we do.

Through our Faces and Facts of Disability website, we share the stories about what it means to receive disability benefits from Social Security. The site highlights some of the people who benefit from our programs. We believe that learning the facts and hearing peoples’ stories about disability allows for a better understanding of what’s perhaps the most misunderstood Social Security program.

The Social Security Act sets a very strict definition of disability. Social Security pays benefits to insured people who can’t work because they have a medical condition that is expected to last at least one year or result in death. The impairment must be so severe that it renders the person unable to perform not only his or her previous work, but also any other substantial work.

Social Security doesn’t provide temporary or partial disability benefits. Because the eligibility requirements are so strict, our disability beneficiaries are among the most severely impaired people in the country. Our new online resources, the state disability fact sheets and our national disability issue paper, provide specific information about our recipients’ demographics by state and congressional district. These resources are proof of Social Security’s economic impact and benefit to our most vulnerable citizens.

Disability is something we don’t like to think about, or we may think it can’t happen to us. But the odds of becoming disabled are greater than we realize. The Social Security disability program excels in providing services to people when they need it the most.

For us, disability has faces and names — among them Larry, Kiera, Ebbie, Charlotte, Jamie, and Christine. We want to invite you to come see their faces, and learn the facts. They are truly at the heart of what we do.


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    • Any physical or mental illness that prevents you from performing your job adequately (or any other job) is a disability. I would start with a thorough physical and history by my doctor to make sure all my symptoms, my diagnosis, and my prognosis are documented. You can contact your county’s Human Services/Social Services Dept. for help filling out the SS Disability application.

      • I have been denied twice on Medicaid an Medicare I have been denied twice on Disability one in 2014/2015 and I can’t work let alone I can’t walk a block cause my feets start hurting I have no insurancc no income just a roof over my head what can I do.

        • It’s me again I forgot to mention that that is not the only disability I have as I’m reading all these replies i can see the words cause everything I see I blurry please help I have family but it’s just likevthey dontvexist since my mom pass on. 2013 ive been trying to get help every where nothing seems to work .

          • Contact any nearby disibility attorney who will guide you through the most likely successful application and just get them what they ask for timely-which is less than you will need to do if applying yourself alone. Also, they know most are denied and will help try to win the appeal process. They normally don’t charge any upfront fees and often take only a percentage of your first payment as pay for their services (back-pay to application date from approval date), but research this to be sure its the best attorney option for you.

        • I HAVE TO say something: people reading other’s experiences MUST UNDERSTAND theres usually other factors involved causing denials, and inability for help. WHATEVER THE CONDITION: there MUST be a paper trail of MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION !!! Applicants must FOLLOW THROUGH. There are stipulations DEEMING a person DISABLED. feeling anxious, or unable to walk a distance without chest pain ISNT ENOUGH. They need to see a consistent history, more than a visit or few visits regarding the problem. ITS FAR FROM EASY yes. But a true problem wil have brought you to Drs and specialists and MANY TIMES, WHICH IS EXACTLY what offers adequate proof to win a submitted application for benefits.

          • I am on first appeal. I have Central Pain Syndrome as my primary reason for becoming disabled and my denial letter listed it but the Doctor never mentioned it in the reason for denial. They only mentioned bipolar and migraines, which I’ve lived and worked with for 15 years; Not easily by any stretch, but I could make a living. I have CPS full body. If it isn’t the worst pain illness known to man, it’s pretty close. I am house bound most of the time and at only age 40. Besides not mentioning this major, nearly always disabling condition, no testing was done by SSDI on my bipolar issues until now at first appeal. I have 15 years of records from local hospitals and Mayo Clinic regarding fibro and mental health. This has been challenging and resulted in a number of job losses, but I’ve always kept working because not working really sucks. Sorry for the language but this is a strange process. I get that Central a Pain Syndrome is rare, but I recommend training on the end of spectrum Pain conditions that involve Intractable Pain. A number of states have had to pass laws to force doctors to treat patients like myself with opioids to keep the restrictions from killing us. I say killing us because I’ve seen suicide rates from 30-40% with too many waiting on disability so they can afford treatment. You have to fix this, it is literally cruel. I’d take a missing limb in a heart beat over this horrendous full body pain I’ll have for every second of the rest of my days. The cluster headaches that have seemed to accompany it are no picnic either. With all due respect, please look into including Central or Intractable Pain in your guidelines out to the offices. It doesn’t need to be in the blue book or anything since only a few million have it worldwide, but your employees should know what they are actually dealing with. I appreciate your time.

        • I’m thankful I was able to get in here and I want to say this; I was a supervisor for a lar company for 23 years. On my 23rd yr I had a stroke (age 48) because my left carotid artery had a piece of plaque that came loose. This caused me to have aphasia which is the inability to speak, read, write, or understand language. I’ve also had heart by-pass surgery twice, and back surgery 3 times. There are many other things but thatis the biggest ones. I’m 63 now and don’t ever wish you could get on disability! You can not work at nothing else and if you get caught they will stop your check and it’s about 50% of what you were making at your old job. I almost lost everything I had! Pray for good health and a stable job and appreciate it, my way of life has changed so much since I was 48!!

          • Thanks for that reply…I am 49 and struggling with either disability or toughing it out. I want to work, I am a HS principal. But the ‘stuff’ going on with my heart and anxiety are getting in the way. Now the docs are looking at Aspergers. Good grief. I just want to feel better.

      • they give this SS benefits out like candy, a friend was fired from his job, he is missing a a partial leg from driving drunk now he is on SS disability what a joke the SSDI program is

        • depression and alcoholism is a sickness that can be a disability. That disability caused his accident. He needs help and treatment.

          • my husband who is on social sec. is an alcoholic has seizures has been treated twice in hospital been released to me(wife) he has a little brain damage and I have to work I need help with him really bad he is loosing control of body functions when I get home from work he badgers me I get no rest what do I do? where do i go for help?

        • Hi Jim. The Social Security Act sets out a very strict definition of disability, much different than the requirements for other government programs. We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability. To learn more about the process we use to decide if you are disabled under our rules, visit our Disability Planner: How We Decide If You Are Disabled. Thanks!

          • If drug or alcohol addiction is a disease then does that qualify ? It does last longer than a year and is expected to result in death. Life results in death. We should all get it

          • I believe that is untrue. I have been fighting with social security for almost 3 years. I have spinal stenosis and cervical spondylosis my arms hurt so bad everyday I have just now applied again after going through the process once already and even having the judge lie about the hearing in paperwork I received explaining his decision. I agree I don’t understand why so many people get it so easily oh and by the way they still work getting paid under the table and I can’t get approved and am in so much pain everyday.

          • Yes, I had a lying judge too. He made up his own story and ignored my doctor reports and my own testimony. The audio was tampered with and evidence removed. I have been in this vicious cycle since 2013, trying to get on my disability with stenosis, spondylosis, arthritis, knee injury, mental disorders, and other issues, and denied all the way down the line at the age of 58, while 35 year olds get SSI or SSDI for depression. Makes no sense. The bias in this organizations is out of hand and judges should be punished instead of rewarded for their perjury.

        • really Jim? My husband honorably served in the military. SSA gave him the social security benefits quickly. He keeps going down from there. we await the VA’s decision on his rating, but if it wasn’t for SSD, we couldn’t survive on just my paycheck alone. Think about that when you say what a “joke” SSDI is.

          • i myself am a military vet injured in 2005 and i have been fighting with disability for over 6 years, i have been denied time and time again, i suffer from PTSD, PANIC ATTACKS, ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and the list goes on. they have not once been of any help i have lost everything from a tv to my house waitinmg on them even with a lawyer so yes they are a joke they give to those who dont really need like candy and then people like me who cant even leave my house let alone my bed most the time has to wait and watch everything i worked so hard for just dissaper

        • I totally agree. I know severe illegal drug addicts and two drug dealers that get ssd and I that have been on denial after denial after denial and 3 appeals and I live in constant daily pain suffer without the help. But they get to enjoy the hunky dory life while they WASTE the help. Very disturbed!!!!!😠

          • Btw I have been battling SSA for 5.5 yrs. And all my conditions continue to just get worse on a daily basis. Still madd!😠

          • This is so sad to hear, but I also have been denied SSD, after a car accident on the freeway, I could have died that night, Have depression, fibermyragia,anxiety, 2 pinched nerves in neck/back, psorisis,degerative joint/disk desease, my life changed from one day to the next, and like your saying everything I have worked so hard for since out of highschool and the house I’ve had for 30 yrs. can be lost because they have denied me, and my money I paid into disability has ended and because I kept the job with my aunt part time who doesn’t make me do anything strenuous, but it’s still more then I can do, the only reason I’ve kept it was because she’s the only one who has helped me money wise, and I could have lost my house, now that I kept that job, it’s been what is keeping me from full, and I keep hurting me, because I’m in survival mode, it’s all I know, but not good for me at all, Hurting every day. I even have 7 doctors and psycologist, and am 55….SSD denied….Totally not understandable…

          • Diane, we are sorry to hear about your medical condition and that your application for disability benefits did not go the way you had hoped. Social Security wants to be sure that the decision made about your disability claim is correct. If you do not agree with our decision, you have the right to file an appeal. You must make a request within 60 days from the date you received your notice of denial. We hope this information helps.

          • if you know someone abusing the system and that in the long run hurts those in need.why havent you privately turned them in.its wrong…

        • yeah, its a joke because they ONLY give it to people like your friend, alcoholics, addicts, homeless…if you work 35 years and your spine gives out from slaving…good luck, youre not getting disability. become an addict and stop working for 10 years, instant check.

        • Well what happens when you get in an severe accident caused by a bad mistake you made and it causes a limb amputation which leaves you disabled? Would it still be a joke then? Disability is,regardless of what caused it,all that some people have to live on….and to feed there children…

        • THEY GIVE IT OUT “LIKE CANDY”…STRANGE seeing how its contingent upon the persons condition, the proof submitted, if they followed through properly with appeals. Clearly you need to do some research, re: the MILLIONS OF DESERVING PEOPLE that keep getting denied over and over. Educate yourself a bit more, please rather than based on just the one situation you mentioned…..if thats the case THERE IS CLEARLY A HUGE CANDY SHORTAGE…also…SSI AND SSDI are 2 completely differently entities. Check it out and read some other DESERVING PEOPLES STORIES OF THEIR STRUGGLES.

      • Hi , I have been on ssi for 10 years, but then all of a sudden my disability review date changed for no reason. I am concerned because i did not change this. I am concerned because there seems to be a not very good reason as the reason, does anybody know why?

        • Hi Sarah, we understand that a medical review can be stressful. We conduct medical reviews from time to time to make sure you are still disabled, and we only evaluate factors that permanently affect your ability to work. We obtain and consider medical evidence from your doctor or other medical sources, if needed, to make a determination. It is important that you keep the appointment, you can call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.; or Contact your local Social Security office if you have additional questions. For more information read our publication, “What You Need to Know: Reviewing Your Disability”. We hope this helps.

          • I just finished my hearing and im 100 percent VA disabled i know they have different ways the do things from VA I had some examiner say i can stand for 6 hours sit for 2 etc etc i had an atty but feel my case was not fully presented right they state beacuse i was a telemarketer in 2005 i can do that again no such way and no telemarketers are even around my area and the one i worked for was shut down because of housing crisis im going to sub mit a review and i was criticized for going on a cruise with the Disabled american Vets this was a trip they do every year many in wheel chairs and walkers didnt think that had anything to do with everything yes if u are an immigrant you get benefits totally unfair iam 61 years old

          • On my reply below i had stated an examiner the examiner was from the Social Security admin VA has totally been very good with my care top notch and are right on i disagree how the ssa does there Exams

          • SSI review boards are not required to notify you of an upcoming review….its random with no set schedule,sometimes its every 6 mon…sometimes yearly or even every 5 yrs…

          • The Social Security Administration conducts Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR) from time to time to make sure the individuals receiving checks are still eligible to get them. Generally, if medical improvement is possible, we will do a CDR approximately every 3 years. If not, we may review it less frequently. We properly notify individuals in advance.

          • you heard the social sec guy just appeal and you will get disability ! simple as that! no problem! hahahhhahahhhah. its simple if you are nearly dead ….or know a crook !
            I have been sick all my life never was able to have a full time job familiy has rare genetic diseases
            I have been denied for 30 years ! again and agian each time I collapse a lung or get diagnsed with another life threatening condition such as porphryia the soc security admin just say we dont see any evidence ! we lost your papaer work or …we dont know what that is but we determine you wont have it for a year ! diagnosed with somatic condition and anxeity as a way to ignore raynauds and porphyria so bad my hands and face have sores eye problems lung problem heart problems leg problems tremors and seizures and on and on ! my who familiy has problems !

        • there is actually a number you can call from your paperwork, think it through firsst as to how youll word it, but INQUIRE as to this sudden change. Shoot tell them you wanted to have more paperwork ready and thats why youre asking.

      • As I read these stories, they are all the same, people seem to go through the same process, years and years of appeals and bureacucy. It makes me so mad, if you have a disability, why do you have to prove it when you are seeing a doctor, im afraid they are going to refuse me and i wont be able to survive

        • Seeing a doctor doesnt mean your disabled…they must confirm it or how else will they know if someone is lying and commiting fraud?

          • and my electricity to much money and my all bills every month 8 day i only have $200. dollars and I got to pay more bills

      • i have bipolar hear voices bark like a dog mild retardation slight heart murmur memory problams autisism and past trauma all severe i was denied disability why is that

    • If your COPD prevents you from getting or keeping a job-yes. Be prepared for a fight. My friend is 60 has COPD,CHF, 3 MIs, had lung cancer and has depression and anxiety. She had disability but let her paperwork lapse because she felt guilty accepting it and now is having a hell of a time trying to reinstate it and had to start all over again; was turned down and is appealing. COPD is a.progressive disease which you can only hope to delay progression. It will not get better. So hang in there–if you are turned down- get a disability Atty ASAP. Fees are paid out of back pay and are set by govt so no worries. God Bless and Good Luck!

        • Patricia, we are sorry to hear that your application for disability benefits did not go the way you had hoped. Social Security wants to be sure that the decision made about your disability claim is correct. If you do not agree with our decision, you have the right to file an appeal. You must make a request within 60 days from the date you received your notice of denial. If you need help with filing your appeal, you can contact your local Social Security office. For more information on the appeals process, please visit our Appeal Processing publication on our website. We hope this helps !

          • What can I do to help my father??? He has a very painful form of prostate cancer that can not be cured. He can leave his house much less go to work to pay for these expensive treatments. He has not worked really for the last 10 years, and he was just denied ssid. What can we do. I can watch him die in pain. This can’t be ssi’s answer. But honestly it seems to be. What kind of system will allow perfectly capable people to run the streets with disabled tags on there cars, food stamps, and a monthly check while the people who really need help now are turned away and told to suffer? He may not have worked in the past 10 years, but he worked hard in his younger years. He supported his family at his bodies expense, and this system is going to turn him away today. This can’t be the right answer.

          • We are sorry to hear that your father’s application for disability was denied. When it comes to qualifying for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) program, individuals must have enough credits or have worked long enough–and recently enough–under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits. We pay disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security disability insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Your father may be eligible for SSI benefits. SSI is a needs based program that gives cash assistance to people with limited income and resources who are age 65 or older, blind or disabled. For more information call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

          • Ray, can I receive my wife’s social security benefits if I am awarded ssdi and ssieven though she is still working ?

          • Appeals are a joke. I too have been denied over and over. I even did the function test, results stated clear. Unable to do sedentary, that means unable to work. My back is a mess, I have nerve damage in my neck and back., COPD, joint disease , and more. All documented. Been fighting for 4 years now.sure give a lawyer the money to help you. Mine got me no place. And I need my money, thank god I have people that helped me bail my home out of foreclosure . I now owe them. And in my book. They have the money coming before some lawyer. Just isn’t fair when you have the medical documents proving your conditions

          • Hi Shelby. If you disagree with the Appeals Council’s decision, or if the Appeals Council decides not to review your case, you would then have to go to the last level of the appeals process which would be to file a civil suit in a federal district court. If you bring a civil action seeking judicial review of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) final decision, our staff will prepare the record of the claim for filing with the Court. This includes all the documents and evidence SSA relied upon in making the decision or determination. For more information, visit our page on Hearings and Appeals. Good luck to you.

          • i was severely injured in two car accidents, both with me at a stop sign. I’ve been on massive pain killers for 7 years. I’ve applied 10 times seems like and had 5 reviews??!! My doctor is outraged at there bureaucracy and now i have to wait 18 months for another review or appeal??? maybe i should go drive drunk and chop my leg off??? atleast i wont have to depend on my mother to support me….. this government is total ****!!!! 150 billion to Iran??? 250 million to whoever and for whatever??? how about just giving me what i paid into for working my butt off 20yrs ????? you people are what is wrong with government!!!!! so chop off my leg and do heroine?? thats how to get it huh?????? pissed and in pain!!!!!!

          • yep…..deadlines rules stipulations and REGULATIONS….if a person just LETS A DEADLINE “go”….it doesnt look very good to those deciding your SSI “FATE”…JUST SAYING…

      • I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease recently and I was wondering if I would qualify for SS. I saw somewhere you have to make a certain amount of income monthly to qualify, kinda like medicaid.

        • Thank you for your question Sherry. We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. However, if a person thinks that he or she meets our definition of disability, we encourage them to apply. To see the process that we use, go to https://www.ssa.gov/planners/disability/dqualify5.html. You can apply online. A person may still be eligible for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program if they work. However, their earnings cannot exceed a certain amount. This is called the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) limit. In 2016, the SGA limit is $1,130 per month (or $1,820 for blind applicants). In addition to the amount of money you make, Social Security may also look at the number of hours you’re able to work. For more information visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” web page on disability. We hope this information helps.

          • BLAH BLAH BLAH IS ALL YOU KEEP SAYING no action just the same bull over and over. We know this is all part of the new world order agenda

    • I’m on disability because of my knees. Sometime my knees swells up so big that it is hard for me to walk or stand for a long period of time. My question is this, I own my own home and in front of my house I have a large tree. The fall is here and the leaves are falling. Normally I will get my nephew to pick the up. But he is a way. I want to know will it be against social security rules if I try blowing the leaves and picking them up myself when I am able. I don’t want to get in trouble or loose my SS benefits because I am trying to void a property ticket.

    • I use to get ssi but I started working so they took my check away .but know I don’t work cause of my disability .but ssi give me medicade still . Can I get ssi every month again or my case is close .

      • Unfortunately and because of security reasons we do not have access to personal records in this blog and cannot provide a definite answer to your question. We need more detailed information to determine if your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits can be reinstated or if you need to file a new application. Please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. or visit your local Social Security office for further assistance. Our representatives should be able to provide the correct guidance in your situation. Thanks!

    • So it is legal and ok by disability standards to have a judge lie in legal denial paperwork so that Ss doesn’t have to give you benefits? When I got my last judgement going on 7 yrs Btw it said I had worked 12/13/12 but my last day of work was 6/8/2008. It also said I had a drivers license which I have never had. He only cited one drs opinion and I saw that dr 2 times and fired him on the 2nd visit. He said I failed a drug test for thc which I don’t use because I need my pain medication and on 2nd visit told me it was a false positive. But in the ALJ decision it states I failed it and doesn’t say it is was a false positive. There was alot of statements made that I did not say. My lawyer screwed me bad. I had all evidence from 2014 that stated I couldn’t work and prescription for a cane and my recent mri and x-rays hand delivered to her and she claimed in the hearing she never received it. He deemed me unreliable as a witness and my lawyer never said anything. She also was the one to state I worked 12/13/12 funny thing is that is the day I got my first judgment from my first judge. Couldn’t be working if I was applying and trying to get disability since 2010. So now my credits have run out and still can’t get approved. I had 3 ortho drs,my family dr,my therapist,and pain dr all say and put on record I am 100% disabled. I suffer from mental and physical. I just need something to help because I’m about to be homeless and I have a 17yrs old who is under my care til he graduates and he is only a sophomore who has severe adhd,hyperactivity disorder with impulse control problems. So anyone who has advice I’m desperate. I would also like to know if I can have my lawyer stripped of her license. Get this not only was she I’ll prepared but she sent me paperwork to sign to do an appeal although she said it wasn’t worth it I called her 4 times to ask about the false statements and why she thought it was a waste of time. Her response was to not answer me and send me a letter stating to never ever contact her office again and this was before I could sign and send her the appeal letter. So people be careful of lawyers do your research.

    • If you receive SSDI (Social Security Disability Income) AND are on Medicare, part of the cost of MI & CD treatment will be covered. Assuming you also have a supplemental insurance program (like Blue Cross, HealthPartners, etc.), the amount covered depends on your plan. The plan I have, plus Medicare, covers 100% of my mental health care and substance abuse treatment.

      • Sure Medicare pays for the meds for substance abue. But not 350.00 for the first visit for suboxin. Not for the 150.00 a month thereafter. The Dr say cash only no insurance accepted. Its a shame every since the pill mills closed down a GP takes a 4hr class and he a in authority on substance abuse and even their GP and they use Medicare for everything else they will not let you use your Medicare for the visits I was turned down three times by Medicare and they would not pay

    • If you are on disability yes-if not there are.multiple programs for low income. My son went to long term CD treatment. No bill. If you don’t qualify quit your job.Instant poverty. You are important and it may be a long journey but always worth it. Good luck and never give up!!!

        • WRONG to the person claiming that someone should not quit their job re: CD. And that is NOT why the SS system has issues. Itz more complex and there are many OTHER reasons the SS system is not what it should be.

          • Many employers also offer drug treatment for employees. Make sure you ask at work before trying something so drastic as quitting your, job, especially if you can’t survive without it. Being homeless, jobless, disabled, and not receiving any SSI was the worst, most difficult period in my life. I don’t recommend it to anyone.

        • I don’t agree with quitting your job, but getting your Medicaid cut for insurance doctors and meds you cant afford is worse. You can’t continue to work a job off certain meds you take

      • I too am disabled mentally from birth. I sympathize with all of you that need SS. I barely get enough money every month to get by. I have Autism (Asperger’s Syndrome) and have worked at least 9 different jobs before applying for disability. I did not before because I wanted to give myself a chance to function in the workplace but that did not turn out as well as I had hoped. I am currently out of cash and now food. This is truely one of the hardest times I have been through. I just want to say for all of you that are fighting that truely need SS to never give up no matter how hard life gets. I have not yet and I am technically mentally disabled. This may sound idealistic but I do believe that things will get better someday although slowly. For all of you that have served in our nation’s great military I especially hope you guys get it someday. You have earned it more than anybody else so keep fighting the system so to speak just as you fought in battle. For all of you that are mentally disabled I say the same. Do not lose hope as hard as that may be to do. We are all in this together one way or another.

  1. My step son, who lives in Kansas is totally disabled due to diabetes and failing liver. He’s tried twice to get disability and was turned down both times. He had a third hearing scheduled for September and it was postponed. He has a lawyer. But let me tell you what’s happened while he waits. My wife and I are retired and live on a fixed income. We provide his housing, water, etc., his medication and living money to the tune of approx. $1200 to $1500 a month which has driven us into Chapter 7. He’s been found by his ex-wife passed out 4 times in a diabetic coma. The state has no programs for unemployed men, even though he has 50 percent custody of his young son. It seems to me SS is waiting for him to die to prevent having to pay anything, in my humble opinion. He’s probably going to lose his feet due to the diabetes. Great assistance, huh? You guys don’t seem to care. His name is Darren Anderson and lives in Wichita, KS. We even got his Congressman involved to no avail. Do you really care?

    • Wow, sorry to hear this, Donald. Contact your county’s Human/Social Services Dept. and ask if you and your wife can at least become Darren’s “PCA” (Personal Care Attendant). That would pay the two of you for the time and effort spent taking care of him. Also, ask if he’s eligible for any waivers – the Alternate Care waiver, maybe? Best of luck to you. (And no, I don’t work for Social Security!)

      • I feel for you and your family. Sometimes people get it so easy and then there are cases like yours! Judge Judy has people on her show abusing the program every day. Its very sad but its run by the govt so what can we expect? I will keep you in my prayers.

      • I heard I could receive my wife’s benefit amount even though she still works, when I am awarded ssdi and ssi, is that true? I have been denied twice and have a hearing in march, I’m already rated disabled with the VA and rated with unemployability at that. What would I be eligible for monthly on ssdi and ssi?

        Lastly if my wife and two children file for benefits, do I keep 100% of my award and combined they’ll get up to 150-180% of my amount?

        • Thank you for your service to our country, Adrian. You may be able to get spouse’s benefits if you are at least 62 years of age and your spouse is receiving retirement or disability benefits. Please keep in mind that the Social Security Act sets out a very strict definition of disability, much different than the requirements for other government programs including veterans benefits. Social Security pays only for total disability and benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. If you are approved for disability benefits, your wife and children also may qualify for benefits on your record. We establish your benefit amount first, then we pay other eligible members of your family. If the sum of the benefits payable on your account is greater than the family limit, the benefits to the family members will be reduced proportionately. Your benefit will not be affected. Visit our “Hearing And Appeals” web page for more information in regards to your upcoming hearing.

          • Thank you! Unfortunately It’s an SSDI totall. So I will attempt the same firm and see if there are any local remedies as well. I’d be happy with just a bit reduced. It’s soo terribly imbarassing and because of that as well Its just that much harder! Thank you for you time & kind and caring response! It is very appreciated! 😊-A


      • go to the hospital legally or go to work! Be happy your not considered totally disabled! It shatters every part of your life! I would never kill but I would thank GOD EVERY MOMENT IF I WAS ABLE TO WORK! The sheer hell of a total disability I’d never wish on anyone ever, be blessed. See a Doctor and get well! Apparently your able to hopefully! Thank God and go for a jog!! I sure would!

    • I have a wonderful Lady I can recommend to your…She is a awesome Lady, and she has help so many people. Myself included.
      Please feel free to connect me, If your son is still needing help.
      You and your family are in my thought and prayers!

  2. My son has MS yet enough quarters to qualify for SSDI.

    He is 27 years old but cannot work.

    He needs it. What on Earth must he do to qualify? He has applied three times and they still will not award him his earned benefit.

      • If you have been waiting for SSI or SSDI for a long time (more than 9 months), you must hire a lawyer, preferably one who has experience with social security claims. I was fortunate as my SSDI was approved expediently. But I have several friends who have had to wait a long time.

        • ABSOLUTLY! I had to go to a hearing but the admin law judge said it was really sad as people who aren’t seriously suffering don’t simply change their entire personality and especially income from $60,000 plus bonuses to at the time zero for over a year. Seriously have an issue or in my case Soo many to get such a small fraction of my actual salary! Please do hire an attorney as they can help you remember to see specific doctors and will make sure you’ve been made aware and orepare you for what and exactly if you should (In my case we’d list soo much) but I do hope you look at the large names and That’s who I used a huge name! They do almost nothing else and will be very helpfu. If he missed an appointment he didn’t know about! Best of luck! ⚖

    • Or get a Disability Attorney. He/She cannot take your money unless your son is approved for Disability payments. If you get a good attorney, your son may need to go for a tests to empirically “prove” that he is “too disabled” to work. My wife went through this (she has MS, too) and got approved her first time through. Good luck.

      • I went through this recenty myself. The tests I had were completly pointless because I have a disability that is life long and they say that I am no longer disabled. That is completly insane. They don’t care as I have learned since I am getting screwed out of the benefits that I need to survive. I have been on SS for about a year and the next hearing I have is about whether or not I get to keep my benefits. It is tough being disabled whether by birth or otherwise so it should not be tougher on those of us that need it and have already proved that.

    • A good Attorney is a must and you must have at least 4 doctors, i had to have 6 2 of theirs, Unless you make alot of money a good lawyer will get it for you. keep fighting even if it takes years they have to pay you back to the date you applied.?.

  3. I respectfully beg to differ. Social Security disability is not available to hardworking Americans. This agency assumes the citizen’s claim is fraudulent. Attorneys must help us. Not the American way.

    • Roseana is correct in what she has stated. I have contributed to Social Security for over 45 years; to O.A.D.B. for over 30 years; have applied FOUR (4) Times but have been turned down because I live in the desert and can not drive. There are no Buses or Cabs that will drive to where Social Security wants me to take a series of tests for over SIX (6) hours, as the Doctors and Hospital is 79.7 miles away. There are Doctors and a Hospital where I live but Social Security will not allow them to do the tests nor will they allow their Medical Findings to be entered in my behalf. I am 130% below the poverty level since I have retired, I am 68 years old, have contributed to Federal Social Security Funds that were suppose to help, not hinder.

      • Your doctor’s records are absolutely allowed to be entered on your behalf. In fact, if they give a medical source statement as to what work related activities you are unable to do (lift, walk, stand, sit), that opinion must be considered and weighed in light of the evidence. Make sure you appeal up to the hearing level and your doctor’s opinion will most likely be given controlling weight as long as it is consistent with the evidence.


    • Attorneys helping is absolutely the American way. Family courts, criminal courts, immigration courts, disability courts …

      No, they don’t assume fraud as a matter of course, but each application has to be evaluated to see if it meets the standards for being awarded SSDI. If not, clearly you get denied. But when you’re in a state under tight economic conditions, as California was when I applied, they tend to treat the first questionable item in your application as reason for denying it. (Since Social Security is national and not state, this may not seem to make sense: but it’s my understanding that it’s the state that first pays the benefits, expecting federal compensation. At least, it seems to be that way in California, or it was then.)

      Their medical evidence forms are long, and I had a lot of it to give. Looked almost like a phone book when I was finished. I referred them to all my doctors.

      And I was still denied twice in a row. But they were polite and advised me what to do if I wanted to appeal. I followed this advice.

      After the second refusal, this included seek a ruling from an Administrative law judge, and to get a disability attorney to do it. With endless help from my family, that’s what I did. Took a long time, but it was definitely the right advice.

      Since the ruling, I have had no reason for complaint with the SSA. I’ve found them competent and timely. Likewise with Medicare, who have given me much better service than any commercial health insurance company I’ve ever had before.

    • Call Social Security, tell them your situation, and ask if you might be eligible. They would have to find you “totally and permanently disabled” (unable to work) in order to qualify. It’s worth a shot.

      • Blind in one eye? Are you kidding? Minnesota allows you to drive a car with one eye unless you drive a school bus. Hurrah for the kids. Really!! If that’s your only disability don’t bother.

  4. You have a reputation of denying disability requests twice at least. This seems irresponsible. A person I know well is on the liver transplant list and has no insurance–none that a normal person could afford–and has been turned down for disability. It is not her fault you are understaffed. Nor, frankly, is it mine, based on my voting pattern. What is the secret to getting help for someone who truly needs it?


      • i have been denied also and have langeerhans cell histiocytosis,moderate CoPD TKR i cant breathe and panic everytime i lay down it only gets worse..my ssd insurance ran out 2013 i was diagnosed with LHC in 2009 3 months after i ran out of time per say, i was diagnosed with metatastic vagina cancer stage 3b now what do i do?

  5. If a veteran has either has 100% Disability from the VA or 100% Combat Related Disability is he entitled to SS Disability? Gratefully appreciate your reply. Thank you.

    • My son is 100% disabled vet. He took that paperwork to ss office and was awarded ss disability benefits. His son also received a check each month until his 18th birthday of almost 500.00.


  6. My 26 year old granddaughter has recently been diagnosed with MS. She has not been allowed to work, and therefore it has been difficult for her financially. Medicaid is covering the cost of her shots but not for any of the other bills she needs to pay. Is there any chance in her getting SSI?

    • She might be eligible but remember, her benefit amount will be based on how long she has been paying into social security. I believe there is a minimum number of years you have to be contributing in order to eligible, regardless of your disability. So, if she went to college, for instance, and hasn’t been working very long, she may get next to nothing.

  7. I just sent an e-mail mail regarding those facts. It’s under my gmail account. Now before they took my benefits away. I only received partial disability. My son who was born Autistic received nothing. And after a Federal Court Judge dismissed the claims made by your administration, SS refused to reinstate me. So since September of 2010 , They have with held my checks from me. And my health is a whole lot worse now. You should really look into my case. I have over 2000 documents, recordings. They sent me on a wild goose chase. So much for the oath they took to help the disabled. Not take from them.

  8. This is in regards to my sister, Sharon Louise (Helmick) Anderson. She has worked 35 plus years as a registered nurse (RN) and has had to retire from working due to her disabilities, but was denied SS Disability but was given her regular SS based on her age of 62 years.
    Her life has been given to taking care of others and when her disabilities cause her to stop she is not consider after putting in all these years of paying into
    SS .
    I feel as a working nurse (RN) of 43 years that my sister is being discriminated against. She is not asking for anything that is not owed to her. We the American working people should always be given our due respect when it comes to these things that we have worked all our life for.
    You the SS Disability should take another look at her case and issue her the proper status that should be given her. I do plan to write the my Congressman, Senator, and even the President of the United States on this decision of discrimination.

    • How does someone work in American be born in the USA and have such a time with SS. When there are people from other countries that receive SS and have never worked a day here. A,man can to our country then sponsered his mother to come to our country. He died, now she get SS under him! How and why?

  9. My life partner has Parkinson’s Disease but has not worked the mandatory 40 quarters [10 years] contributing to the system. Most of her work was for Colorado’s P.E.R.A. Any suggestions on where she apply to get financial help. PD is a neurological disease and is fatal. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

      • menieres is in the blue book , i also have menieres, along with essental tremors, copd, shoulder and rotator cuff disease and tendonsos in both shoulders, but guess what, constant denials,, honestly they should just take the listing out of the book cause, cause even if you have it, it dont make a difference.

    • Hi Daniel, you may find our listing of impairments useful. Keep in mind that Social Security pays disability benefits to people if they have a medical condition that has prevented them from working or is expected to prevent them for working for at least 12 months. We use the same five-step process to make a decision on each application.

      • To anyone reading this response it’s total fabrication. It’s lipservice at its best. The ss has been reviewing mine application since 2010. It’s still stuck in appeals. It was turned down for missing doctors records . The ss failed to request them from the hospital I filed the appeal 2 yrs ago. I had my court date they found the error and asked me to obtain the records for them which I did. Six months has gone by and nothing. Talked to ss last week they told me to wait. When I told them I can’t I have lost everything and my house is next. They told me that they tell people to move ton a camp ground. It’s free but you havery to move every 14 days. They said for me to register at the post office to receive my mail from ss. Now you know why our veterans are on the street. Speaking to some others on line two of which work at ss say it sometimeseems take seven years to get approved. Many people die before receiving their benefits. In fact the lady that I talked to that works for ss loves her job because she gets to call and let people know that their application has been approved. See said that there are so many people that die before receiving a dime that they have a name for it. So people don’t depend on social security. If you can work under the table some where and keep all your money it’s probably a better choice. Who knew that forty million illegals would get it right.

        • It’s a slap in the face I had no idea what the government was about when I left for the Marines but it didn’t take long once I finally got to come home I’m actually speechless it is so amazing how so few can control and take away from their own people. I’ve got no hope left for the government except that it would all be replaced and those who have been taking should be on trial for treason and embezzlement of funds and deported to the middle east with the terrorists they are harboring.


        • i totaly hear ya Why do we teach our kids to work and put in for your future? They see me going through this and think what the hell for..If you get hurt or sick you cant have it anyway!!!
          When my husband wasfighting for it ,he was knocked of a bridge, 3 back surgeries also, the auctioneer was in our driveway to auction off our house Needless to say they were kicked out because the night before we were able to beg 5000.00 to reaffirm and buy time AGAIN hang in there they tell me!!!

        • CLL (slow leukemia), Rheumatoid Arthritis, Graves Disease, PTSD Adult ADD, Panic Disorder, Fibromyalgia and Severe Carpal Tunnel both Wrists. 6 Doctors (including 2 of SS) and since Oct 2012 with a recon level to boot. I fall under the Multiple Disorders category and now have tumors and cysts growing in my abdomen. Appealed after Judge denied at ALJ and that was March of 2015. Health is declining, blood test numbers going up, daughter has to help me a lot (even type this)…I wrote President O, my State Rep AND my State Senator. Nothing left, thinking it might be best to give Guardianship of my Teen Daughter to Sister-(her care taking me is too much)…and I have had a large law firm pushing every current med record I have plus med list. Judge at Hearing said “I won’t count the Leukemia until you are on Chemo”. C.L.L. is a backwards leukemia (but ok-what about the fact *on paper* that the SS Dis Drs themselves concurred with my other Dr.s? And we disregarded? Last hope is my Senator…I won’t live to be 65 much less 50 to be “age eligible” and yes I have had work attempts and straight to the ER I go where they pump me full of zofran, Demerol and keep me overnight and up to a week. Yes folks write your State Reps and Senators and go to the Dr. Appts and most of all PRAY-(God is my only help)

  10. I have 30 % I applied for more because I feel phycally I deserve it.Im 63 they are taking some of mine away after 20 years of service.

  11. I received a letter in where the office os Social Security tell me that I loose my benefits of incapacity, because I reach the age of 65 years old. I stiil have my incapacity and I use a standard cane for walk, because I has been observing increased R upper limb pain and R flank pain not responding to use of medicine of Tramadol. The pain is contant. I limp of my right side. .Did I still have the rights of keep my paid of benefits of incapacity?.


  12. LRB,
    kudos for you to answer so many comments above for being a VOLUNTEER and NOT PAID SSDI staff member!!

    here is the ADULT LIST OF APPROVED IMPAIRMENT LIST for many of you asking if something is covered or not; check it out for yourself and read their definitions ok 😉


    i used the above list to find the code numbers assigning them to all my MEDICAL DOCUMENTATION so that ssdi/dds could see I WAS ENTITLED to be approved for ssdi payments.

    it took me 5 yrs. of hell to be approved! my lawyer QUIT me 4 yrs. into this mess.

    i’ve also posted on the different subjects 3 times and NO SSDI REP EVER REPLIED PUBLICLY OR PRIVATELY … shame on them!

    their answers could help many posting here.

    again, LRB, big thanks to you for going out of your way to share your own expertise !! hugs,

    bettyg, iowa

    someone commented they were DROPPED at 65 receiving disability payments.

    YOU should then be receiving the SAME AMOUNT as a “retiree” vs. a “disabled” person … i recently was!

  13. SSA disability no longer serves the people from whom they collect funds. They are abberrant and abhorrent and they should be ashamed of the people they harm.

  14. My youngest son ( 45 years old ) is a disabled Veteran, who has been denied benefits the past 4 -5 years. He can no longer work and is fighting “the system” and has been all along.
    What is wrong with this picture???

    • Willis, thank you for your comment. First of all, we want to thank your son for his service to our country. Please keep in mind that the Social Security Act sets out a very strict definition of disability, much different than the requirements for other government programs, including veterans benefits. Social Security only pays for total disability. No benefits are payable to partial disability or short-term disability.

      We do offer expedited processing of certain disability claims for military members. You can learn more about these options and how to apply for disability benefits on our web page, Information for Wounded Warriors and Veterans Who Have a Compensation Rating of 100% Permanent & Total (P&T).

  15. I have cirrhosis of the liver secondary to hep C. I am currently on Medicaid . I have applied for disability do du to the fact of what I call episodes. When I have these episodes I sleep way longer than I should and I’m in a stupor when I come out of it which usually last for two days. My doctor has been called on just about every occasion. He tells the person that is wit me to take lactulose every hour until I com through it. Last time it started on one weekend and I felt loopy through the whole week and it happened again the following weekend. The episodes are actually Hepatic Encephalopathy. It is really hard to take care of yourself with this going on. I don’t drive very often because of this. I have been denied twice what can I do.

    • I am very familiar with cirrhosis of the liver and most of its primary causes, symptoms, treatments, and its stages. With all of this being said, I am very sure, I can guarantee that the SS decision board does as well. The most important thing that you should, or practically MUST since you have been previously denied, have to present for your case is strong DOCUMENTED MEDICAL RECORDS! Get a good Social Security disability, in most cases they give free consults and will take your case for free and won’t charge unless they win the case, at which time they will deduct the fee. Please get everything in black and white and I wish you the best of luck!

    • Cheryl, we are sorry to hear about your medical condition and that your application for disability benefits did not go the way you had hoped. Social Security wants to be sure that the decision made about your disability claim is correct. If you do not agree with our decision, you have the right to file an appeal. You must make a request within 60 days from the date you received your notice of denial. If you need help with filing your appeal, you can contact your local Social Security office. If your disability claim was denied at the hearing level, you may ask for a review by Social Security’s Appeals Council before you file a new claim, but you must ask for a review in writing within 60 days of receiving the hearing decision. For more information on the appeals process, please visit our Appeal Process page on our website.

      You may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which you live. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems. Since Medicaid is managed by the state in which you reside, please visit the Medicaid web site and select from the drop-down menu to find specific information about the Medicaid program in your state, or you can call the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services at 1-877-267-2323 (TTY Toll-Free: 866-226-1819).

  16. I still have Migraines every day which are controlled by Baromertric Preasure, plus 3 kinds of Migraines. I’ve been diagnosed by 3 Specialists with 3 Cat-Scans. I have also been through 23 different Medications which Did NOT work at all until a Doctor finally found a Medicatio that WORKS. Now I’m finding that the cost is unbearable as in $700.00. THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS. HELP!!!!!!

  17. I am a veteran with 100% disability PTSD a bad back an I am classified as unemployable. But got denied my SSI.WHY???? I have not worked since August 2011 please tell me what is wrong with this picture.

  18. I was involved in an automobile accident in 1995 that injured the frontal lobe of my brain; I also have Multiple Sclerosis. Both disabilities have the same set backs such as no short term memory, not being able to organize thoughts, inability to put thoughts into words, problems with concentrating, staying focused and following directions. These problems forced me into retiring from a job I loved. I just couldn’t keep up the pace and accuracy needed to perform my daily tasks. Now that I’m getting older, all these things have become even harder to endure. People don’t always accept that I’m handicapped because I look healthy. It’s very depressing and hard to live with. Yes, there are medications to help with my disabilities. I take eight different medications daily to get through life a day. Of course, I’m still depressed and most days don’t even bother to get dressed. I have no interests exciting enough to get dressed to face a day. If only people could see inside my head, they would understand!

  19. I am goin tobe 50 in march I have finally got my ssdi it took 15 yrs to finally pay in to be able to get on it I was hurt in 98 but was told you have to pay in so long ..so I went from job to job one after the other the cook the block trower the mobile home installer the machine operator ect.ect. man the whole time not really knowin how sever my mental issues were I am rare I say cause everyone says bi-polar or depressed and ect. ect. again I say make a name up for all of it and you will have me I have been on disability for 3 an a half yrs I think an it is evaluation time 1st judicator said no papers no file no documents so not disabled the 2nd one I guess I have lost the reconcideration not sure but now its the same my doctors office says THEY HAVE SENT WHAT SHE ASK FOR to me for 3 or 4 months now and only blood work an something else not my records though so I try to call she never returns my call I told her an the 1 one I have mental issues I have not been to drs for it just my regular doc I do not like the docyors scared to death of them at 40 they wanted to open me up an fix my heart well I walked out an have not been back that’s how bad I do not want to go BUT they made me go to therepst I begged not to go to any clinic only disability drs I had a app. with disability dr on 22 and a clinic app. on the 2nd I begged her please let me go 22 please [no kiddin ]well she made me go to the clinic an cacel the disability drs app. man they didn’t even check my eyes SO she ask me to get my records told me it wasn’t her job OK well I got staph infection SO I told the judicator an she said I COULD NOT COME TO COURT WITH A INFECTIOUS CONTAGOUS DEASE man OK I missed my court date WAS NOT TOLD I COULD HAVE A REPESEATIVE she will not help me no kind of way I AM SO UPSET I JUST WANT TO GIVE UP AT THIS POINT SHE SHE SIGN THIS LETTER SAYIN I WAIVE MY RIGHTS TO A HEARIN CAUSE I WASNT THERE LOSE MY RIGHTS TO A HEARIN MY RECORDS MY CHECK MY MEDICAL MY LIFE WE ARE TALKIN ABOUT …well after I filled it out I read it again for the 100th time an said to self well noway she made me not go I wanted to go so I would not sign the paper it could have said I could not go to medical or anything but it didn’t I ask her bout it an she said don’t worry bout it just sign it well I did not sign it so she can just make her desstion an I will appeal again SOi wait on decision an don’t get it I get her callin my neighbor the only person I even see or go around besides my husband she is tellin him all kinds of stuff what I need to do an so on well he is not my legal nothing aint that wrong an I know I need to go ahead an try try to pay for my records at the drs office and send them to her but somebody please give me something her im am losen cause I have behavior issues which are preventin me to even talk to this woman oh I could go on an on but I will see what ya’ll say remember mental

  20. Does Neuropathy of the feet and hands qualify for disability? Currently drawing social security. Would disability be higher and how does it change when I reach 65?

    • Social security disability is the same as full retirement social security. Neuropathy may qualify. It depends on your age, education. past work and the limitations it causes. Once a person reaches age 60, if they are limited to no more than light work (lifting 20 lbs. occasionally, standing 6 of 8 hours and sitting 6 of 8 hours) and cannot perform their past work as described or as it is done in the national economy, they most likely will qualify. Limitations in fine and gross manipulation are also considered.

  21. Hello .am having gorafobia.for the last 3years (panic attacks)and I applied for dissability.twise…denied icannt go to see dr.no records?even do a nurse came to see me at home. Can I use my records from my nurse?What is the secret to get help?what kind of lawyer can help.me?how or where can I find an honest one,?

    • Records from your nurse can be used, but first you have to have a medically determinable impairment diagnosed by an M.D. or Ph.D.

  22. Why do so many people start getting disability soon after their unemployment checks run out?
    It looks very suspicious, as if disability benefits are much too easy to get!

    • No, Disability checks are not easy to get! It may seem that way to you as an outsider but I had to have 2 heart attacks and an ejection fraction below 30 and be totally disabled before I got Disability. I did get a few unemployment checks from my last job when my severance pay ran out, but it was just a coincidence that my social security disability started when my unemployment checks ran out. And I had to see a special Social Security doctor and also see a Psychiatrist before I was approved.

  23. I have been disabled since 2010. I am a 56 yr old woman. I was waitresing and my feet went very bad. I have had a total of 5 surgeries on both feet, 4 of them on the right one. I had to have my right hip totally replaced 2 yrs ago. Due to walking and working on poor feet, my left hip also needs to be replaced, and surgery on my left foot. One yr ago I had my 3 rd surgery on my rt foot, they put in a plate and screws and lengthend my achilles tendon. I just had another surgery, same foot, to remove the hard wear they put in, and replace it, because it had shifted.I really don’t know if this will help, but I do know I will not put myself through the same thing on my left side. My feet are so painful just to stand on, let alone walk on them.I’m also deaf in my left ear, following a sinus infection in 2010.Had shoulder surgery, due to carrying heavy trays of food. I am depressed and also have anxiety. I see a psychiatrist and a counselor to help get me through this. I am on a plethra of medications also. Two are for pain, class 2 narcotics, and anti-depressants, vitamins, sleeping aids, you name it and I probably have it. I was finally granted medicaid in 2012, and they retrod back to July of 2010, when I had to stop working. I have no other skills. If I sit for more than 10 minutes, my feet go numb, even driving they go numb, especially the left foot that isn’t being use, I also have developed an issue with my eyes now too.. I know I don’t qualify for SSD, my work credits don’t show me working for 5 or more yrs recently. Even though I have, just not in that time period. I was recently abandoned by my husband of 31 yrs, on June 8, 2008. I am now the sole supporter, and it is very hard to make ends meet. I have had help from family, but that will be coming to an end soon. SNAP benefits of 194.00 a month, and alimony of 652.00 a month. Thank God for medicaid, my meds are only a dollar a piece. Trying to get on section 8, no openings. I need help with my rent, which is 550.00 a month. So do the math, it doesn’t leave me with much for gas, elec, car ins, plates for my car, let alone clothes on my back. I don’t know what is taking so long to get a determination for SSI.I last filed in July of 2015, and two other times before that, after 2010.I need assistance, and fast. The apt I live in accepts sec 8, but since they are not taking any new applications for two more years, its no good for me. SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT HERE.

  24. I have several disabilities . Always did help filling out these type of things until now took the bull by the horn’s I’m Doing it my self . Because of that I never applied for any disabilities . I love I had a lot of extra money . I have doctors proof of arthritis my ankles my hips my neck so at age 53 I had to get out of work . It was the fall of 2002 I asked my wife about applying and she told me they’re not gonna give me anything so don’t waste your time . I did some part-time work that you would my wife’s employer And after a couple years that company brought me on with more hours . I was also bond with a bad hair loss I don’t hear anything without my garnets I paid over $3000 with credit card of course . What brought it to my attention to look in on us my neighbor . Has not worked since the 80s and he’s collecting twice as much is me . He collected disability all those years while I was working . It does not feel like I’ve been getting a fair shake here . My Social Security only pays me 1000 a month I cannot live my life and be very happy with not enough money . I give you permission to speak to my wife and I do not hear well on the phone thank you and please help .

    • I’m sorry to say but if you are getting $1,000 a month from Social Security I would consider you as lucky. My husband worked here for his 40 quarters and he also worked in a foreign country with a Social Security agreement with America, and he only gets $730 a month for his social security, and they also give him $54 a month for SSI. I would find out about if you are eligible for SSI extra money but if you get 1,000 I don’t think they will even get you SNAP.

  25. I wear hearing aids cost me over $3000.05 years ago I need no want to go apply for Medicaid over and over and over in the state of Florida doesn’t come easy to get . My social security income is only 1000 a month I have to see a doctor I was paying $85 and 65 for a follow up . I’ve got the doctor straightened out but the hairnets I don’t know what to do . I forgot to tell my last report that I filled out I have diabetes I’ve got it under control . High blood pressure cholesterol is out on the control I blood pressure was 200/100 before I move down here to Florida . When we moved here we paid cash for the house in a use car the good thing I did all those things at that time . I went to the state and asked for help the lady told me that this benefits are not for me there for low income and I’m thinking that’s me I only make $1000 a month . She’s telling me that is for people that were not trying to save money . I never made much money because of all of my disabilities

  26. I have been on SSDI for almost 19 yrs. for various mental illnesses. I feel so blessed after reading these posts. I don’t make much with my check. I am 54 & my spouse left me 6 yrs ago. I’m in the process of a review & I am afraid. I know the only reason I haven’t given up on life is because I am a Christian. God is bigger than the U.S. Government. If you don’t believe in Jesus and prayer, it is your choice. I can only say that prayer and my faith keeps me-the person with mental illnesses-relatively sane while dealing with a system that has been overwhelmed for decades. Not to excuse the denials I’ve just read about at all. Especially to our brave Veterans that are treated worse than animals by the very same government that accepted them without hesitation when they were sent to fight. These people should be paid more than any politician. I have a son who is turning 18 this month. His benefits were stopped because they say he isn’t a full time student, but he is & we sent in all the required forms, so we are appealing their decision. He has to sign up for Selective Service or he is breaking a Federal law. Most days I can’t leave our home or take care of myself, and I think “how dare they turn down his money we need to buy food with but threaten him with prison if he doesn’t sign up to fight a possible future war?” Not much that happens in this world makes sense. I thank my God for promising me, His child, and anybody who believes in His Son, an eternity in Paradise. God Bless all of you.

  27. Are Disability payments late this month ?? Mine is usually paid on the 11th when there is a weekend of holiday coming up it’s paid before .It is now Tuesday the 13th & I have not received my payment . is there a problem & should I contact my local office or ??

    • Gary, if your regular payment date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday, we send your benefits the business day before your due date. Please visit our Schedule of Social Security Payments for future pay dates. If you still haven’t received your disability check by the time you see this, please contact your local office.

  28. I just read a article regarding mental illness and Social security. It stated that 27% of ss beneficiaries receive benefits due to mental illness. My son is 33 and we have been fighting for three years to get him disability due to major depression, social anxiety, defiance disorder, bipolar as well as degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and morbid obesity he is 6 feet tall and weighs in excess of 400 pounds. He takes 21 pills a day to control mood swings, pain in his back and can not stand more than 5 minutes. Dailey living activities are difficult for him ie such as taking a shower.
    My question is why are they putting him through waiting indefinitely for a decision. He won’t get a whole lot of money but I feel that he should not have to wait so long. He has done everything they have asked him to do and is still waiting. It has been in excess of 4 months and the lawyer tells us that they can take as long as they want to make a decision.
    If SS is there to help those that need it then why aren’t they helping?

  29. I’ve just been told I’ve got 3rd stage kidney. Which after my stay in the hospital it is now 4th stage. I have edema. Sometimes so bad it is hard to stand and do my work. Right now I work 3 days a week. I also draw survivors widow benefits from SS. Could I get disability to help cause if it gets worse to stand and work I will have to quit and I can not live on what I get for my monthly benefits.

  30. I have the beginning of COPD, stage 3 liver disease, diabetic, had 4-bypass surgery, had thyroid cancer, put on oxygen due to 30 % lung use would I be able to file for disability? Several years ago I took an early Social Security draw, would that hinder the disability? Are you allow to draw both disability & Social Security? I live in Texas and not sure whether to start an any help or advise will be greatly appreciated. I am 65 yrs old, married but my husband has retired early due to medical problems so we leave on a fixed income. Thanking you in advance for your help.

    • Hi Deborah. We are sorry to hear about your medical situation. You can apply for Disability Benefits before you reach your full retirement age. Disability payments are established at the highest rate possible, meaning you could get a higher monthly benefit amount. We can continue paying your retirement benefits while we consider your application and wait for a medical decision.
      We pay disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security disability insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a needs based disability program that pays benefits to people with limited income and resources who are disabled, blind, or age 65 or older. To be eligible for SSI, we count your total household income.
      In addition to meeting our definition of disability, you must have worked long enough–and recently enough–under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits. For more information and to see if you should apply for disability benefits, we urge you to contact your local office or call us at 1-800-772-1213 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday and ask one of our representatives to assist you. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. We hope this information helps you.

  31. My daughter is 51 and is bipolar, narcolepsy, has had left knee replacement and due for right knee, diabetic. She was in a verbal and mental marriage for 25 years, has been divorced 2. She has everything documented and her psychartist says she can’t ever work again due to her issues. You never know what person you are dealing with everyday. She has been denied and appealed last December and still no hearing.

    • We are sorry to hear about your daughter’s medical conditions Alicia. The length of time it takes to get a hearing can vary from state to state. We attempt to resolve all claims promptly, but there may be delays due to the volume of pending appeals in your area. The good news is that we are trying to conduct many of our hearings through video teleconferencing (VTC) to speed up the process. Visit our “Hearing And Appeals” web page for more information, and continue working with your local hearing office on specific questions about your case. Thanks !

  32. Mt wife who is totally disabled with no eyesight in one eye and brain damaged, wannot file for SSDI, because the organization she work for in california stopped paying into SS. There is a ten year rule which is ridiculous and a travesty for people with a genuine disability. She had her disabling accident in 2005. She was a teacher and the schools did not pay into SS since 1994. She had her 40 quarters with SS complete prior to this accident. She now receives only $157.00 a month. When one pays for a supplement policy, she is in the red and actually would receive no money.

    I disagree with this policy. Monet is going out of this Country for other poor people of the world, but the President and Congress do not care for their own poor people of the USA> Sad, but very Trues!

  33. Hi.
    I have been disabled for ten years.
    Have ptsd. Military. Rated 30%. DAV is making efforts to increase this %.
    Disabled with a mental condition .I need help with managing financial issues . Which my daughter over sees.
    Become overly depressed
    And panic attacks
    Along with a medical condition which effects my legs and walking or standing for any length of time.
    COPD. Tested by the Va. Listed as serious.
    As those who know about this, never gets better. Continuesto grow worse. And in most cases, causes death.
    Hearing is almost gone in one ear and poot in the other.
    I am not complaining. I would rather work but can’t perform any of the job requirements.
    Took years, but I now accept the fact.
    Question being.
    1-since my daughter over sees all of my financial matters. If I give her legal action to take care of this, how will it effect my SSI as far as payee? Even when I buy something, she’s asking me if I had to buy it. Can I still use my money?
    2-i just turned 62 in 0ct. Somehow I panicked about my ssi.
    Driving my family and friends crazy. Enough to keep it in my mind 24/7.
    Since I can’t work. Especially in the feild I had done most of my life.
    Will it remain the same amount as before?
    What happens when I get to 66?
    Ty. Scared to death. Family says nothing to worry about. Just making myself worse.

  34. My wife I believe has a special case for Social Security Disability Insurance, but I’m not positive, so can you help. First my wife has Lupus with Chronic Lung Disease which started while serving in the Military. She filed for social security benefits twice approximately 5 years ago but was denied because she did not have her rating for service connected disability approved at that time, but it was filed. Well last week after a 9 year fight with the VA, she was finally found 100% service connected which went back to 2007 for Lupus. She had left her California State job due to her Lupus in 2005 and has the paper work from that time which stated she could no longer perform her duties du to the Lupus back then. She applied for Social Security like I said in about 2010 but was denied I believe because the VA had denied her claim in 2008, and she had been on appeal from then until last week when after 9 years she finally received her service connection going back to 2007, March, her initial submission date of her VA claim.

    Since that has now happened can she file a new claim with Social Security going back to her initial filing date with them, under special circumstances due to now having the proof of her disability date going back to 2007, and now having 4 separate letters from Doctor Specialist stating that her illness with Lupus goes back to approximately 1993 when she was discharged, but had already seen doctors for symptoms that were now proven to be related to her Lupus?

    I hope it is understandable. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • First of all, we want to thank your wife for her service to our country. Please keep in mind that the Social Security Act sets out a very strict definition of disability, much different than the requirements for other government programs including veterans benefits. Social Security pays only for total disability. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability. Disability benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. Your wife can apply for Disability Benefits again. We will evaluate her claim with consideration to her alleged date of disability and the date she became disabled under our rules. For further assistance contact your local field office. Or, you can call our toll free number, 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) and ask to speak with one of our representatives, who are available Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 7:00pm. Hope this information helps.

    • Hello April, only a “Disabled Adult Child” can qualify to receive Social Security benefits under his or her parents’ record. An adult disabled before age 22 may be eligible for child’s benefits if a parent is deceased or starts receiving retirement or disability benefits. We consider this a “child’s” benefit because it is paid on a parent’s Social Security earnings record.

  35. I keep hearing that but I dont really believe it any more its a lie social security its only for rich people who have worked jobs that made enough money ,

  36. I have been disabled for many years and have been denied everytime with not one doctor or person asking what was wrong
    I am now haveing very bad symptoms and I am one prednisone indefinatley they think I may have MCTD
    and I have no one dime to my name now and cant work cant get social security my only hope is that I can die quick
    when i was 21 I had many seizures and was told that I didnt have epilepsy and so I was denied then I stopped drinking and they went away then in 2009 I collapsed a lung and was told that my ilnees wouldnt last a year denied and then 5 years later all my hair fell out and I had buterfly rashes that were diagnosed as exzema
    denied again said it was anxiety disorder
    then I had all the sypmtoms of lupus but when I pionted that out my diagnosis became somatiziing disorder even when I had a stroke I was told No! we dont see an evidence of that ! recently after being told a year solid that my arm was frozen due to anxiety was diagnosesd with frozen shoulder and raynaulds oh and dont forget the kidney stones and the fact I have timors in my kidney and pancrease and my adreal gland witch im told are all benighn hhahaha all the way to the grave they will keep lying so I wont get a dime ! I t should be against the law! why are the cops and doctors allowed to kill and be not held accountable is it they are to big to fail?

  37. The problem is that a great number of people do not fully understand what benefits they are entitled to, or even that they are entitled to any benefits at all. It is essential that this kind of publicity continues so that more people see how they can claim – and realise that they should claim. While many people are getting the disability benefits they deserve and this makes a big difference to their lives, others could also be getting the same. But you got to take some responsibility for yourself and find out.

    • Hi William. When you receive disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, we will automatically convert your disability benefits to retirement benefits, when you attain your Full Retirement Age. The benefit amount will generally remain the same.

  38. I am currently on dialysis, I have been receiving disability off an on since 2005. As of recent I started receiving benefits again in July 2014. As Jan 1, 2015 my benefits stopped stating I was gainfully employed. I have not worked since Sep 2013, I was terminated with benefits in Dec 2015. I have appealed providing proof I have not worked since 2013. I’m am still being denied benefits due to gainful employment. I’m am in the process of requesting a hearing with the admistrative law judge. I can not find a lawyer to take my case, this is my last appeal, I don’t know what else to do to prove I’m not working. Am I missing something?

  39. Apparently, whomever denied me thinks I not disabled even though I have provided documentation on my SEVERE anxiety, agoraphobia, and PTSD following a car accident. Shame on me for not filing immediately after the accident and trying to get my life back together. I went back to school, taking some on-line classes, and did well. One of the denial letters states that as a reason for denial. Heaven forbid an anxious person gets educated! I often wonder if I should just kill myself because I can not get a job with this level of anxiety. No one will hire me because I am so anxious that I burst into tears even during a phone interview. I can not cope with the general public. I truly hate people. Thank you, SSA, for proving that I should have died in that wreck because this so-called life sucks!

  40. it all started in Aug.2006 work related accident (neck,rt.shoulder,lower back,left knee) 2 anthroscopic on knee ,rotator cuff surgery knee still gives away shoulder weakness and hand weakness,leaking disc in back with arthritis.I have been before the judge twice and both of them have given my doctors less weight in their decision my Mri and Ex Rays and my paper work tells my story .I didn’t apply for Ssdi until 2009 because I really did want to get better and return to the work force in 2012 I went to court in front of judge Catherine Harper (macon Ga) after her denial I appeal and it was remanded back to the same judge with an 20% approval rate .she’s no longer in macon Ga therefore I was assign to Judge Cam Oetter my court date was Mar.2015 I could tell his mind was made up before we got started. I received my denial around the end of June .My lawyer said that if I appeal I would have to go before him again and will get the same results Cam Oetter approval is around 25% I haven’t appealed been so depressed I have no more work credits I’m still going to the doctors with the help of family and friends Who will hire me like this (mind and Bodyaches)there are days I can’t even get out of bed my medication have me sleepy,irritable ,agitated,nervous ,forgetful ,confused I’m very depressed and sad I have worked two jobs my whole life I’m 51 will be 52 in January .please tell me there’s something I can do before I lose my mind

    • Hi,
      My mother was suffering from arthritis and we were thinking of a knee replacement surgery. On one of our friend’s recommendation, I got Nervica for my mum. It really worked for my mum. Her pain diminished by 80%.


  41. I have been applying and appealing for SSDI since August 2013. I have been very disappointed in the way my health has been investigated. Not one person has called to talk to my spouse, family, friends, previous coworkers, or previous employers. I have not been evaluated by any of SSD doctors. I have severe fibromyalgia, multiple herniated disks in my back, prior back surgery, and I am on enough pain medications and antidepressants to knock out a moose, yet I keep getting denied. They say social security is based on previous work, yet while I sit and wait for social security to make a decision, filing bankruptcy, fighting to keep food stamps so we do not starve, if I am denied again then if I reapply I will not have enough credits. I can barely get out of bed some days and I am getting more and more depressed. I have not heard from anybody at Social security in over 13 months. I feel like such a burden on my husband, like I cannot do anything. I seriously need help, before I cause me and my spouse to become homeless. My initial denial said that I was okay because I was not seeing a psychiatrist. They fail to take into account that to see medical professionals you have to have income. I am in a total catch 22. I cannot get social security due to lack of documentation and I cannot get documentation because I cannot afford to go to the doctor any more than I already am. I am barely able to afford to cover my pain management appointments, and medications every month and there are very few medications I can take for my depression because of my chemical sensitivity. So I see a therapist instead of a psychiatrist. Please help me social security. I do not know how much longer I can wait.

    • We are sorry to hear of the inconveniences you are experiencing Meghan. The length of time it takes to process your request for an appeal can vary from state to state. We attempt to resolve all claims promptly, but there may be delays due to the volume of pending appeals in your area. Unfortunately, your situation is a bit more complex than we can handle in this forum. For your security, we do not have access to information about your account in this venue. Please continue working with your local office on specific information about your case.
      To see if you are eligible to receive social services or other benefits from the state in which you live while you wait for a medical determination, contact your local social services office. Or you can visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) web page for more information.



    • Hi Carolyn. Medicaid is a joint federal and state program that helps with medical costs for some people with limited income and resources. Each state has different rules about eligibility. Please contact your State Medicaid agency for information.

  44. It is all one big fat government lie! You can provide all sorts of documentation that PROVES you have multiple anxiety disorders and get a denial that says “You get a little nervous at times.” SSA people call and ask if you would go through a psych eval, you reply “Please.” Denied, no eval either. It’s all just one big game to the high paid shrinks that never even speak to you. I wish I hadn’t worn my seatbelt that awful day because I would not be here in this nightmare now. Thank you, SSA, for nothing.

    • Sure Medicare pays for the meds for substance abue. But not 350.00 for the first visit for suboxin. Not for the 150.00 a month thereafter. The Dr say cash only no insurance accepted. Its a shame every since the pill mills closed down a GP takes a 4hr class and he a in authority on substance abuse and even their GP and they use Medicare for everything else they will not let you use your Medicare for the visits I was turned down three times by Medicare and they would not pay.I had every statement all documented and still Medicare denied my claim because they said my Dr. Was not a Medicare provider.one Dr. I saw told me after I have him350.00 for 1st visit if I wanted a walkout statment go find a 61st who accepts my insurance. All this because the laws for pain meds are so bad from one county to another in ::). No pain Dr would see me I had to get in suboxin. The pain I endured no one should have to endure. after a botched up back surgery I was sent to a pain management clinic with a renowned anesthesiologist who controlled my pain and when I moved I got thrown to the wolves

  45. If I am already on it and ended up with Copd and on oxygen 24 hrs around the clock and cant work. Am I entitled to more income?

  46. I am on disability and had a disability review and interview , they asked me if I have ever don any illegal drugs and I said 30 years ago, one time….I don’t recall ever being asked that prior when I had questions, not sure how I answered it, cause its been so long and it was like a minor almost non existent happening. do you think that will effect my chances of getting approved again?everything else should be fine?

    • Hi Tracy Annie. We understand that a medical review can be stressful. We conduct medical reviews from time to time to make sure you are still disabled, and we only evaluate factors that permanently affect your ability to work. Also, we obtain and consider medical evidence from your doctor or other medical sources, if needed. For other factors that we consider in reviewing your disability status, please read our publication, “What You Need to Know: Reviewing Your Disability”. We hope this helps.

  47. In 2015 I received a notice for SS that they felt I was no longer disabled but I could submit an appeal. If I submitted an appeal I was told my disability payments and Medicare would continue until my appeal was resolved. However, my disability payments and my Medicare were stopped. I was evaluated by a SS appointed doctor who stated I was still disabled in a report he submitted to SS and I received a letter stating they considered me still disabled and they would reinstate my disability payments and my Medicare. This was in November 2015 and I was told it would take a few weeks. The SS Payment Center has still not resolved the issue and the local SS office is issuing emergent disability payments on an irregular basis. But my Medicare is still not activated and I am receiving calls from my doctor and hospital that they would like to be paid. I have worked with my local SS office in Prescott AZ and they have told me that they have done everything they could and it is now in the hands of the SS Payment Center. My wife is my caretaker and was forced to quit her job in order to take me to the doctors and watch over me due to my frequent seizures. We rely on this disability and Medicare to take care of my medical care needs. What does it take to get something like this resolved.

  48. 1. Who answers these questions? Is it anyone officially with the SSA?

    2. I have been waiting for nine months for a hearing after the SSA asked me to opt for a telephonic hearing to get one sooner; when I call the SSA, they tell me it takes 12 to 18 months to get a hearing date (I have an attorney and am awaiting an appeal). Why does it have to take so long to get before a judge?

    • Hi Lori. Yes, we have an official social media team dedicated to posting official messages and responses to customer inquiries or comments that specifically address Social Security Administration (SSA) issues. Our official agency responses will always include the SSA seal. The length of time it takes to get a hearing can vary from state to state. We attempt to resolve all claims promptly, but there may be delays due to the volume of pending appeals in your area. Please continue working with your attorney and local hearing office on specific questions about your case. Thank you for your support and for using our blog.

  49. My question is If I’m in an Appeals after being denied now by an ALJ because disability wasn’t proven by my DLI but now my disability IS worse than before and can now be proven and my income is zero. Can I start a new case and reapply for just SSI?

    • Hi Heidi. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled individuals based on financial need. Generally, when you apply for disability benefits, we take applications for both programs. Remember that disability benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. To see if you are eligible and to schedule an appointment to apply for SSI at your local office, call us at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday but you will generally have a shorter wait time if you call later in the day or later in the week.

  50. My mother was just told she does not qualify for SSI–her only income due to her disability is her Social Security…and she is $50 over the income limit of $733 a month. How a person can afford anything on that pitiful amount is beyond me. No one should have to choose between food and medication. How can she apply for SSDI? We don’t know yet if she will ever be able to return to work.

  51. Not sure where to go ask? But I need to know would I qualify. And I have diabetes type 1.I’m insulin depended my whole life. And I’m already get benefit for my son disability. Can i apply?

    • Disability Benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or result in death. Social Security pays only for total disability. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability. You may find our listing of impairments useful. If you think you are disabled, you can apply for disability online. Please call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday if you need further assistance. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. Thanks.

  52. My husband has been trying for years to get SSI or Ssd and they keep denying him . He worked at ground zero as a debrie removal the 2 day it happened and now he has severe asthma,cold a bad cough that makes him lack breathing also sleep amnea. We have been seeing a lot of doctors and they all said he can not work and I’m still waiting for a court date with the administrated judge to see his case again. Now what, my lawyers said we have 331 days left to wait. Finiacial we are not stable. What can I do?

    • Anette get all documents from the doctor stating that your husband cannot work that’s the most important thing you can do it all has to be documented then I feel so bad for your husband my prayers go out to you and him sincerely Christine Hawkins

  53. I have disability critical medical issue i have Seizures Disorder, and head surgery 3 times since i was born, unable to breath from nose only mouth & hard breathing nose, hard sleeping, and more….etc i got Denied yesterday i feel soooo mad and angry they said i can walk i can sit i can move 🙁 they made bad decision they said i’m not disable
    well i think they need to see me face to face to see if i have disability or not because for doing this via mail or online it’s not enough

    Now it’s time to become ineligibility for benefit SSI and stay without Government Benefit so living with food stamps & Medicaid only without SSI

    1. i got Denied SSI
    2. Military U.S Army Denied me to join (Medical Issue)
    3. Jobs Denied me to get job Since i born got 1 job McDonald’s and i resign after 60 days on 2012 because of (Medical Issue) i couldn’t being Patient at job i was working just 3 hours per day for 5 days

  54. My mother gets disability. She is only 62. 2 weeks ago she had her 2nd massive stroke which has left her unable to talk clearly, use her right hand( dominant hand), and has left her unable to walk. Can she get some type of medical insurance even though she isn’t 65 yet?

    • Hi Tonya. If your mother is receiving Social Security disability benefits, she will be automatically enrolled in Medicare after she receives benefits for 24 months. We start counting the 24 months beginning with the month she was entitled to receive disability, not the month when she received her first check. Individuals receiving disability benefits may also be eligible to receive social services from the state in which they live. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems. You can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services or welfare office. Or you can visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) web page for more information. We hope this information helps!

  55. Social Security can help is JOKE. I have tried 3 times in getting help and now Ive come to a point Ive got to beg because my depression has manifested really bad the last year going thru menopause until its days I just cry all day and my energy level is just drained. Its become to debilitating for me to handle now. I applied again online Jan 19 to find out didnt qualify not knowing I applied for SSDI instead of SSI which the system question is to conflicting to know which one but depression sometimes makes hard to concentrate to get things right sometimes but I need some assistance so I can halfway live off the $733. Was on the phone today w/the Monroe location here in Memphis for 34mins who had no earthly idea what he was doing so I could an appt to go in straighten this mess out n still didnt get the appt cus he say the computer screwed up which was lie. He didnt know what he was doing..HELP…Im tired of begging for help w/this agency! I’m on the brink of suicide

  56. Please help me out here!!! I was approved for ssdi in 2007 OK however I had a attorney handle my claim from the beginning well waited 18 months kept turning me down until final hearing with judge then got approved but I called my lawyers office because area months later now it’s 2007 I talked with a lady on phone to get my info of what happend with apppeal well she said I was denied OK so now it’s 2015 my friend and family helped me out this entire time OK I tried to work but could not rid part-time off and on last 9 years with family still helping out OK well I go back to same attorney and tell them I want to apply again I have lupus , kidneys problems c h f , dreams legs and chronic pain OK now this lady at office comes out says sir you was approved in 2006 and you have back pa y owed to you we already was paid ! ! ??? I was in shock I couldn’tbelieve this and I asked them why didn’t U get hold of me and why was I told I was denied???couldn’t tell me also I wanted them to fix it but they said they was done and I have to do it OK. I was mad upset you name !!! So now what should I do ? Hire a attorney or try doing my Self ? My condition is really bad I can’t walk on my own I use walker or wheelchair when available till I get my own I just got out of hospital last week was in hospital for 3 months now I’m on home health nurses phy therapist social workers U name it they come to my house and this at home thing is for long term now whats best way to get my money that’s owed and my monthly check going asap my family can’t help me like before and my friend can’t either I’m going to be on the streets so it can’t take to long I hope and pray please help me out !!!! Thanks. Joihn

    • Unfortunately and because of security reasons we do not have access to personal records in this blog. In your situation, please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Or contact your local Social Security office for further assistance.

  57. My twin sister was approved for 100% disability and there is nothing wrong with her. She goes to the gym, goes to the park with her dog and on vacations on a boat with her boyfriend. Takes pain pills all day and every now and then remembers she has pain. Very unfair. My 83 year old mother can’t get a handicap sticker? What is wrong here? The doctor and lawyers I guess have a lot to do with it.

    • Marie, I agree with you. The SSI is just a scam that denies people that truly needs it while giving it to people that knows how to lie with there corrupt lawyers and doctors. The dss administration is also same way.. it’s for people that know how to lie and work the system. It’s all how you word things.

  58. My son has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, his heart is only working at 10% his doctors have told him he cannot work. The thing is he is only 20 and has only worked 3 months for a seasonal job. Will he qualify for disability.

  59. Its amazing how people are so stingy to the extent of being willing to die than spend money on their health! have you ever heard heath is wealth? In anycase i dont need you to make purchase from me to survive, i get clients everyday and i send herbal medicine to my clients abroad everyday you can find attached receipts of different clients around the world i send herbal medicine to everyday. May God help you!


  61. My spouse has never worked and has Parkinsons. Are there any benefits she is eligible for based on my work history. I am starting SS this August. If no, can she get the “disabled” status as many other benefits ( tax breaks) are only available if you are disabled under SSA guidelines but she can’t get that because she never worked. i.e no benefits but disabled status from the SSA

    • Thank you for your question Mr. Heinz. Your wife may be eligible for disability benefits under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. The SSI program is a needs based program that gives cash assistance to disabled individuals with limited income and resources. The amount of SSI benefits is based, in part, on the income and resources available to the individual. For SSI eligibility, we will take into consideration any income and resources available to you, as the spouse.
      In addition to the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, your wife could also be eligible for Spouse’s Benefits on your record, even if she never worked. She must be at least 62 years of age and you must be receiving retirement or disability benefits. If you have specific questions, or to make an appointment, please call 1-800-772-1213 between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. to speak to one of our representatives. Generally, you’ll have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. Thanks.

  62. How come i can not get a access pass for new york state parks and i’m on SSI and and i’am very limited on things i can do . I’m Permanently Disabled , I’m in Chronic Pain all the time and have alot of medical problems ! And the same goes for my wife , who is on SSD . Both of us can never work again , because our bodies are so messed up ! But we at least want to try a lil camping , instead of sitting home all the time ! And here we can’t get a Access Pass to New York State Parks ! I think the qualifications are totally unfair !

  63. my husband has spinal stenosis, deg disk, barretts and a whole slew of back issues. he’s a driver/delivery person and his legs go numb quite often. if he got laid off, should he file for unemployment then let it run out and file for disability?

    • Hi Dee, the Social Security Act sets out a strict definition for disability. We pay Disability Benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. However, if a person believes they are disabled and meets our definition of disability, we encourage them to apply for disability starting from when they became disabled. Your husband can apply online, which is quick and easy. He can also apply by calling our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Or he can contact his local Social Security office directly. Also, Social Security does not count unemployment benefits as earnings. For more information visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” web page on disability.

      • I am in turmoil right now trying to decide what I should do. I definitely need to leave my job of 32 hours with a government agency. I have the option of filing with SSA and through FERS. Or retirement through MRA +10. The federal employee retirement seems as if it isn’t worth all the worry, since there is enough filing with SSA. I am told I have to be unemployed to file for disability, so it looks like the only choice I have is the early retirement. Since I have only worked 13 years ((4 yrs in the Navy I paid the deposit for( I would make less than $500 a month plus a pension from another job of $120 a month. I have several conditions making it Impossible to do my work in the manner that I should. These conditions include chronic pain from chronic c-spine problems, I have had two surgeries and my VA doctors said they would only operate if I had some kind of life-threatening conditions. I also have a disease of my spinal membrane called arachnoisitis (and no, it has nothing to do with spiders.) It causes me severe lower back pain that makes unable to stand for long periods or sit for long periods. I also have diabetes, though I am doing well with my care. I have essential tremors in my hand. I don’t know what that is about. I do no the arachnoiditis has no cure. I may have something akin to Parkinsons but I’ve never been diagnosed for that. I don’t know what to do. I have very little savings, about $7,000 that I am planning to get a little piece of land and maybe a used travel trailer. But the VA thinks I’m rich and they want almost $3,000 in back copayments. Plus my rent is going up next month where I will be paying right at $1,000 a month for a Value Place room.. Any suggestions?

  64. I was disable age 48 from stroke. Applied for disability. Drew SSI. once I turn 66 an agent called tp tell me I had to take SS which was over Mississippi poverty level of 1,340.00. I lost all medicaid and medicine benefits due to this law. I’m unable to apply for section 8 even though I have savings. No home I rent and own a 2001 car. What can I do to get help back fr9m medicaid?

  65. Hi I’m receiving SSD . Not very much ! I’m 62 now, I’m wondering, could I draw more monthly?? I’m having to leave my husband because of personal reasons, he makes 2 times + more than me ! I’ve tryed calling SS ,I’ve have held 3 times over 40 to 50 mins each time and the phone cuts off.!! ! So, I decided to post this! If someone can HELP me please ! TKS Betty

  66. My wife stopped working in 2006 after she got pregnant. In 2011 she injured her back. We probably qualified for disability at the time because she would’ve had the required 20 points over 10 years. However we didn’t apply because there wasn’t a need for extra income at the time. Since then our financial situation has changed and we really could use the additional disability income. If my wife had not injured her back, she would be returning to work right about now that we really need the money. Do we need 20 points over the last ten years from 2011 when she injured her back or 20 points over the last ten years from the date we applied? It would be a shame if we missed out on this benefit because we were self reliant at the time of injury.

  67. My father had a situation where someone was doing taxes while he was on ssdi I sent in paperwork to the irs and everything was cleared to a 0 balance ssdi claimed my dad was working and he was not how does he get all that back pay that’s he was suppose to get for all those yrs it wasn’t his fault someone used his identity

    • Hi Erica. For security reasons we do not have access to personal information in this Blog. In your father’s situation, it is best that he contacts the local Social Security office. He will need to provide supporting documents that can help us resolve his situation. For further assistance or to make an appointment, he can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 and speak with one of our representatives. Representatives are available between 7 AM and 7 PM Monday through Friday. We hope this helps.

  68. I’m bipolar and scared of treatment. Can I get denied social security benefits because I have fear of medication?

    • Hi Mary. The Social Security Act sets out a very strict definition of disability, much different than the requirements for other government programs. We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. No benefits are payable for partial disability or short-term disability. To learn more about the process we use to decide if you are disabled under our rules, visit our Disability Planner: How We Decide If You Are Disabled. Also, you may find our listing of impairments useful. Thanks!

  69. Ssi disability is a joke.People who need it don’t get it and people who don’t need it or even deserve it get it. Way to much fraud. Makes me SICK.

  70. If I apply for SSD online will my medical determination be the same for later applications for SSI and RSDI? or are they different programs with different medical determinations.

    • Thanks for your question Lenny. Generally, when you apply for disability benefits, we take applications for both the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs. We use the same medical determination for both of these programs. RSDI refers to the Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance benefits paid to workers, their dependents, and survivors. Remember that once you complete the online disability application, you will still need to complete your Supplemental Security Information (SSI) application at your local office. Please call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday to have one of our representatives schedule an appointment for you with your local office to complete your SSI application.

  71. I have filed for disability for myself and my child and we were both denied. I have filed for a reconsideration determination because I have fibromyalgia and depression and lymes disease. The excruciating pain I feel on a daily basis makes life unbearable at times. I honestly wish sometimes that the people who decide these applications can for a fraction of a second feel what I feel and still decide that I’m not disabled enough. My depression keeps me withdrawn from the world because I can’t stand being around people. My daughter was sexually abused by her father and now suffers from PTSD, depression, ADD, and ODD. She is 16 years old but she is not mentally mature enough to care for herself but yet the people who make the decisions feel that she is not disabled enough. I have been out of work for just over a year. My husband is the only one working and his income is not enough. We are on the verge of losing our home. We have lost two vehicles to repossession already about to lose our third… How much more disabled does someone have to be?

    • Utilize any government program you can, contact 311 for help with bills – they should be able to provide you with resources that could at least temporarily keep you from losing anything else. Most importantly, don’t lose hope – maybe look into support groups, if any exist…. Hang in there, these things are notorious for being slow.

    • “She is 16 years old but she is not mentally mature enough to care for herself but yet the people who make the decisions feel that she is not disabled enough.”
      The fact is: your 16 year old daughter has not built up ANY work credits to qualify for SSDI. This is an insurance program that you have to pay into. Your 16 year old is entitled to nothing but SSI; which is a needs based benefit which you would unlikely qualify for because your husband is working.
      Furthermore, it looks like this place needs a little brutal honesty. This is the truth, and I am really not trying to make anybody feel bad; however, if you can perform ANY kind of work, you are not considered disabled. That means, telemarketing, door greeter, food critic, anything. Also, do not throw an adjective before your condition. No one at SSA cares if you say it, it means nothing. Words like: severe, extremely, or major are unnecessary, and nobody cares. The question is, do you qualify under the rules and regulations set forth by SSA; the answer for many of you is unfortunately “no.” Some of these stories I am reading here are just blatant fantasies; not all, but some.

  72. When I was a child my families life was turned upside-down by my father’s disability. We struggled the entire time my father was unable to work, although we were always affected by my father’s injuries financially and emotionally, eventually another WORK related injury made his initial WORK related injury so bad he was unable to… well, work. Medical bills and medication costs dug a hole in my parents wallet and credit that made growing up a painful experience.

    When he eventually passed away, due to a faulty drug, the aid we received was too little too late. I lost my father, my childhood home, my sanity, and hope in the future due to the waiting process and constant denials… When is enough enough? There is no excuse for this.

    Many individuals lose too many years and copious amounts of money to the snails pace and constant denials this system is notorious for. I know there isn’t much I can do about it and I’m sure everyone involved with this system is more than well aware of these problems. However, I share my story in hopes it inspires someone to work towards a solution.

    Not everyone has enough time to wait for a judge to approve a case. Some judges are best known for their low approval rates. According to our lawyer, we were stuck with one of the worst.

    I know these aren’t the kind of stories you want on your website, but I have to say something because ten years later, I still harbor a great deal of animosity towards this unjust and untimely system.

    This wasn’t a case of “not being disabled enough” it was blatant and willful neglect on our judges part. His doctor of TEN YEARS was the one who was on our side. He had a pinched nerve and a slipped disk with visual proof in an MRI or X-RAY. It wasn’t bad enough to warrant surgery yet how could we pay for the medication he needed (even with insurance the cost was too much) he suffered from sciatic nerve pain. He was recommended not to sit or stand for more than six hours at a time by his doctor, so why did the judge keep saying he could work? He was a physical laborer his whole life and didn’t understand computers. Unacceptable.

    My teenage angst turned into a debilitating mental illness after I couldn’t wake my dad up one day….. Now I too am disabled as a result, yet I refuse to be another case that causes another family to suffer through the waiting that drained me of all hope and happiness in my youth. Nothing can bring my father back or give me back my adolescence, but someone can make sure that neglectful courts are held accountable for their poor judgments and that nobody ever has to go through this soul-sucking waiting game again. (honestly a single payer health care system would be a lot more efficient on protecting the citizens of the USA from this kind of injustice… in my case, I likely wouldn’t of been able to avoid the trauma of my father’s death – but I wouldn’t have to struggle as I do to get the mental health care I need today.)

    Thanks for the time it took to read this *if anyone did and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

  73. I will be having a brain tumor removed with six months expected down time. Looks like I will not be able to collect anything because it won’t be a year correct? I am 63 and I didn’t want to draw my social security yet but I guess I will have too pay my bills. I have a recovering alcoholic friend who receives, reduced housing, food stamps and hundreds of dollars every month. He works under the table and goes shopping at Woodcraft every weekend after getting paid cash. He buys what I only dream of. Just isn’t right. But no one said life is fair.

    • Hi Allison. Yes, disability benefits are paid to people under their full retirement age who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or end in death. However, if you think you are disabled, and you are not sure how long you will be out of work, you can apply for both Retirement and Disability benefits at the same time. We will process your application for disability and we can begin paying retirement benefits, while we wait for a medical determination. Click here to see what you can do online. For more information, please contact your local office, or call us at 1-800-772-1213, Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. We hope this information helps.

  74. I need some advice for my daughter. She had just been awarded SSDI for lupus which has hospitalised in ICU for over a week 5 times in as many years. Her spleen and liver are most affected and she needs blood transfusions to build up red and white cells and platelets. She has no insurance as she has had no income, from being too ill to work. She has been told she does not qualify for medicaid. Her only income will be a little over $800 per month. Renting an apartment or small house (splitting the rent and costs) will take more than half of her monthly payment. She has no car as she cannot drive. So must live where there is public transport. Her foodstamps were cut from $200 per month to $16 per month when the SSDI was awarded.
    My main worry is how does she get the medical care she needs? She got so sick the last 2 times because she could not afford to see a specialist and buy the medicines she needs to stop her immune system from attacking her body.
    What is the recourse for person on SSDI to get regular health care?

    • Hi Araminta. In some cases, disabled individuals can be eligible to receive social services from the state in which they live. You can get information about services in your area from your local social services office. Or, you can visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) web page for more information. We hope this information helps.

  75. I forgot to mention that I’ve been divorced for over 12 years. I live alone & i have multiple health problems.My x wife has remarried & moved on.I just want to know just what i am entitled to.The pension application is from “I AM National Pension funds.

  76. If I apply for SSD online and SSI and RSDI a few months later. How many decision notices/letters should I be receiving in total?

  77. Is it possible to get denied for SSI and still be approved for SSD (which was my original claim), and which notice of decision should I expect to receive first, the denial or the approval?

    • Hello Lenny. Great question. Social Security pays disability benefits through two programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The SSI program is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled individuals who have limited income and resources. SSDI benefits, on the other hand, are based on your prior earnings. It is possible that your application for SSI benefits can be denied if you exceed the resources and income limits. If this is the case, you should receive a non-medical “technical” denial for your SSI claim while the SSDI claim proceeds to get a medical decision. We will forward your SSDI claim to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) for a medical review. You will receive a separate notice with a medical determination at a later time. Please visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” web page on disability, for more information.

  78. How does SSA handle duplicate applications? For example: I applied for SSD online and submitted a work activity report a week later, then I obtained an authorized representative who had me submit a SSI and an APPLICATION FOR CHILD’S INSURANCE BENEFITS. What will happen to my original application/claim? Does the later applications have any bearing on my initial claim?

    • Hello Lenny. We will review your subsequent applications to determine if they meet the eligibility requirements. If they meet the requirements, we will attach the applications to the original application. If the subsequent applications do not meet the requirements, we will send you written notification.

  79. I applied for SSD online and submitted my work activity report to my FO (earning over $42,000), then three months later I obtained an authorized representative who had me submit a SSI application and an APPLICATION FOR CHILD’S INSURANCE BENEFITS. Will SSA consider this to be a duplicate application? and if so, Which application gets processed first? Can my original application submitted online be affected by the later applications cause by my authorized representative?

    • Hi Lenny. The SSI program is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled individuals who have limited income and resources. If your subsequent applications meet the eligibility requirements, we will attach the applications to the first application. If the subsequent applications do not meet the requirements, we will send you written notification and continue processing the initial application.
      For specific information about your claim(s), we recommend that you contact your local office or our toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213, for assistance.

      • Should the claim number from my initial online application match the claim number on the Disability Determination Explanation?

  80. What do you do when you submitted your disability documents from your job to Social Security several times, but cannot find it in your SSA disability claim file.

  81. I applied for SSD benefits in January, and just received my union disability benefits yesterday (covering the past 10 months), and a letter stating that my union disability benefits have been exhausted on 7/8/16. I submitted my union disability benefit papers to social security today. Also, my health insurance is no longer covered by my employer and union. How long will it take now before I can get SSD benefits?

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  83. Hello. I have a titanium rod in my femur from a Accident 30 yrs ago. have worked 60 hrs a week on my fett for the last 27 yrs and now can barely walk. Dr told me the rod can’t be taken out and mri shows hip joint and degenerative disc disease. my employer is not going to renew my contract due to my in capacity and do not have the money for spine and hip surgery, let alone the rod that can’t be removed. I really have no other option but to apply for disability as my skills set requires me to be on my feet which is almost impossible . Does this sound like a valid disability case? so many different stories here it’s hard to tell. thank you.

  84. I have spina bifida myleomeningocele which is the most severe form of spina bifida and have had issues from it for the past 5 years I also have bi polar disorder,generalized anxiety and am a sufferer from depression…I got no help whatsoever from the disability people they refused to help and don’t think my condition is as bad as I’m sayin it is… I NEED HELP!!!!

  85. I have been legally blind since birth but have still worked as a teacher and at any other job I could do. Sadly, I recently had to give that up as my eyes could no longer keep up. I’m being told that I don’t have enough recent work credits for SSDI as teachers don’t pay into SS, but I keep reading that the rules for statutory blindness are different. I do have 29 credits paid in, but some are old and “can’t be counted.” Does anyone know the rule on this? If my onset date is since birth, shouldn’t the number of required credits go way down, or am I penalized for having worked all those years? Thanks for any help you can offer.

    • Thank you for your question Melinda. When it comes to qualifying for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Income or SSDI program, individuals must have worked long enough–and recently enough–under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits. Generally, you need 40 credits, 20 of which you have to earn within the last 10 years before you become disabled. There are a number of special rules for people who are blind that recognize the severe impact of blindness on a person’s ability to work. For example, the monthly earnings limit for people who are blind is generally higher than the limit that applies to non-blind disabled workers. We hope this information helps.

  86. Hi, I’m a hard working truck driver who’s worked for years paying my taxes and supporting my family, But now at 50 years old, I believe that I have norcolepsy, And it’s getting harder and harder for me to stay awake on the job. Just wondering if it would be possible to get ssi benefits ?

    • Hi William, the Social Security Act sets out a strict definition for disability. We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. However, if a person believes they are disabled and meet our definition of disability, we encourage them to apply for disability as soon as possible. You can apply online, which is quick and easy. If you have specific questions about your situation, please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and ask one of our representatives to assist you. For more information visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” web page on disability. Thanks!

  87. If you get denied for disability with an authorized representative, when and how can you proceed without them (without representation)? What would I have to do?

    • Hi Lenny, we are sorry to hear that your application for disability benefits did not go the way you had hoped. Social Security wants to be sure that the decision made about your disability claim is correct. If you do not agree with our decision, you have the right to file an appeal. You can file an appeal online within 60 days from the date you received your notice of denial. The choice to use an authorized representative is your decision and you will have the opportunity to decline representation when filing the appeal. If you need help with filing your appeal, you may contact your local Social Security office.

  88. I called SSA and was told that my online application was not in their system. How could this be, I applied in January. Is it possible that my initial online application got deleted by me applying for SSI 3 months after I applied for SSD online?

    • Hi Lenny. Generally, after you apply for regular disability (SSDI) online, our system should generate a confirmation number as proof of your application. You then need to complete the application for Supplemental Security Information (SSI) benefits at a local office. For security reasons, we do not have access to personal records via this blog. Please visit your local office with your confirmation number for more information. You may also call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7:00a.m. and 7:00p.m. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. Thanks.

      • What if I didn’t go to the FO and apply for SSI, what would have happened to my online SSD application? I only completed a work activity (821) report after the online SSD application was complete.

        • Unfortunately and because of security reasons, we do not have access to personal records in this blog. One of our representatives should be able to provide you with an explanation and answer your questions about this matter. Please call our toll free number, 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Thanks.

  89. I have PTSD major depression high chlosterol hypertension hypothyroidism ckd stage 2 chronic fatigue post viral fatigue syncope and in 2014 I had h1n1 and also tore my acl had surgery but can’t kneel or squat also I have tremors in my left hand which causes me to shake when I try to hold anything in that hand do I stand a chance for ssdi

  90. dear sir, my name is tanim.I am working a garments factory under workstudy department.i am mentally depress after a mild stroke when i lose my parents,which is 8 years ago .From than i become confedence less due to my bels palse problem. sir i want help from those person who help me as a parents, arrange a job for me in usa,uk,australia,netherland……. that means i dont want direct financial help form them.but i want a good salary for establish bright future for my wife & my baby.

  91. I am disabled. I was on social security disability for 6 years. Then suddenly, it was decided that I was no longer disabled. Why? I was evicted from my apartment and had no forwarding address so when paper work was sent, I didn’t receive it. I wasn’t aware that I’d lost my benefits untill well after the time for me to appeal had expired because I continue to receive direct deposit.
    Now I am homeless and have no income. What the hell am I supposed to do?! I lost my Medicare coverage. I lost everything!

    • Hi Joni. For security reasons, we do not have access to personal records via this blog. Please contact your local office to see how we can help in your situation. If you are unable to visit your local servicing office, you may call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7:00a.m. and 7:00p.m.

  92. I started drawing social security retirement at age 63 1/2, and I am now age 65. The VA just rated me as 100% disabled. Is it too late for me to apply for social security disability?

    • Thank you for your question Wayne. You can apply for disability benefits before you reach your full retirement age (currently age 66). A reminder, that in addition to meeting our definition for disability, individuals must have worked long enough–and recently enough–under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance program. In addition, keep in mind that the Social Security Act sets out a very strict definition of disability, much different from the requirements for other government programs including veterans’ benefits. For specific questions, or to schedule an appointment with your local Social Security office, you may call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thanks!

  93. When I was a kid I was on disability my mother was on disability when I was nine years old we got in a car wreck I was sent to live with my dad Florida I spent 5 years with him throughout those five years he abused me physically mentally emotionally every way I can think of including sexually when I finally escaped him and got back to my mother I was so broken I didn’t know how to deal with it still don’t one year after I returned to my mother she died I was sent to live with my aunt and uncle here in Texas I was with them for maybe 3 months before I tried to kill myself I drink so much alcohol I had a blood alcohol level of 2.5 I remember waking up in the hospital with IVs and everything else and me I tore all the ivs out and tried to run I got maybe a block down the road and I started blacking out again I heard an officer but I continue trying to run even though I couldn’t see anything then I remember hitting the ground when I woke up the next time I was in Depaul mental institution in Waco because I can’t stand being behind locked doors I lied I told them that I was just fine that I just drink too much I was just trying to have a good time but really I wanted to end it I wanted all the pain to go away I was then released but I wasn’t released to my aunt and uncle I was put in foster care as soon as I turned eighteen I left because about a month before me and my foster father got into a physical fight where he damn near broke me and a half over a fence I suffer from bipolar explosive anger disorder extreme depression I’m hypoglycemic I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 15 I have benign essential tremors which is basically a hereditary form of Parkinson’s I shake constantly I can’t hold my hands steady at all so no matter where I go or who I talk to people automatically judge me because I’m shaking I’ve been trying to get on disability since I turned 18 don’t get me wrong it’s not ideal it’s not really what I want out of life but I have an extremely hard time getting and keeping any job I didn’t graduate high school because my second semester of senior year I was homeless trying to work I’m trying to go to school at the same time been homeless most of my adult life the only reason that I’m not homeless now is because of my wife I haven’t been on medications that I need since before I turned 18 I’ve had to suffer with my mental illnesses without help for so long because I don’t have money to see a doctor don’t have money to see a counselor don’t have the capabilities monetarily to get the help I need I’ve tried several times to convince Social Security Disability that I need their help and I’ve been denied time and time again I don’t know what to do anymore I’m losing hope I need help

  94. This whole process is a joke. I’ve had 4 TIAs and one full stroke and I’m almost 30. The last one happened on the the job where I coughed up blood. I’ve been denied ssa, and the appeal, got a lawyer and I’m getting no where. I have so many rare diseases that r so painful that there r days I have to eat in bed on my side. This whole system is a joke if ur young. I suffer from strokes, angiodema, cervical dystonia, trigiminal, severe migraines where I can’t eat or move, Addison’s disease, ADHD, depression, bipolar, PTSD, asthma, stomach ulcers, excess, I’m allergic to just about every food with an airbourne peanut allergy which makes my anxiety worse when I go out, my heart rate runs from 130-257, I have complex partial seizures and another form of epilepsy, carpetunnell syndrome, and apparently this is not enough health conditions. Almost forgot, sometimes I wake up on the floor and don’t know how long I’ve been there. Also I have a tumor on my adrenal gland, along with spinal stenosis and a bad memory. I’m getting ready to have someone drive me to Springfield at this point.

  95. Hi, first of all I just wanted to let you know that I have been disabled my entire life as I was born paralyzed from the waist down with spina bifida. And because of my disability that I was born with I get disability benefits not social security. I am a 27 year old high school graduate. And I have always wanted to be a special education teacher, and I was just wondering can I have a job as a teacher and still get disability benefits at the same time? And I’m asking this question because both of my sisters that I have lived with since both parents died 5 months apart in 2003 said that I couldn’t so is this true or not? I need answer please.

    • Thank you for your question, Faith. Special rules make it possible for people with disabilities receiving Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to work and still receive their benefits. These rules are called work incentives. Also, Social Security offers a Ticket to Work program that is free and voluntary. The Ticket to Work program is for individuals ages 18 to 64, who are receiving disability benefits and need support re-entering the workforce or working for the first time. If you are interested in the Ticket to Work program, please call the Ticket to Work Helpline toll-free at 1-866-968-7842 (TTY 1-866-833-2967). Our publication “Working While Disabled- How We can Help” may also be helpful to you.

  96. I just requested a withdrawal of my SSI application with my field office. How and when will I know that it is approved by the Social security administration?

    • Thank you for your question Lenny. Generally, the field office will send you a notice, after your request is processed. You should receive notification within 30 to 60 days after we process your request. Remember that a withdrawal request does not become effective until the Social Security Administration (SSA) approves it. You can follow up by contacting the local office directly, or by calling our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:p.m. See our Program Operations Manual for more information. Thanks.

  97. These posts are very informative. My husband has been out of work for a little over two years. He woke up one morning seeing a fog in his left eye, his right eye no issues. (He does wear glasses and has been since he was a child) – In any case, the fog, grew larger and larger, unfortunately, he had no health insurance at the time, so I took him to the eye doctor and paid out of pocket. They then told me that he need an MRI done but I couldn’t afford to pay out of pocket. I then applied for health insurance online and finally got him to a doctor. They test him, no diabetes, cholesterol, everything normal (2yrs ago). He also has issues with his lower back and have trouble walking sometimes due to this pain. Now, the doctors have no idea what caused the loss in vision, when we went for Physical Therapy for his back, Insurance didn’t approve the “3” sessions. Insurance will gladly pay for the pain meds that husband refuses to take. – Now, fast forward to today, same scenario only absolutely no vision in his left eye. We submitted a claim for SSI Disability and are waiting to hear back but the Dr.’s Asst says we will be denied because he can see from his right eye. I am struggling to keep us afloat, does anyone know how this works and how long til we hear back? Also, his child support is through the roof now, since he can’t work and any money he gets going directly to that and not to my son, so this still won’t help me but it will help my husband’s daughter, who is in college. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    • Disability Benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to result, end in death. The Social Security Administration (SSA) administers two programs that provide benefits based on disability: the Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program. The SSDI program pays benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are “insured,” meaning that you worked long enough and paid Social Security taxes. The SSI program is a Federal-income supplement program funded by general tax revenues (not Social Security taxes). It is designed to help aged, blind, and disabled people, who have little or no income. There are special rules for people who are blind or have low vision. Please visit our Disability Planner: Special Rules For People Who Are Blind Or Have Low Vision for more information.

    • Yeah, there is no possible way he will be approved for SSDI. Not with just being blind in one eye. Remember, you have to not be able to perform ANY job.

  98. My husband has Muscular Dystrophy, which has devastated his quads. He has continued to work only because we can not forgo the income. He is getting to the point where he really should not be working anymore. His job requires him to be on his feet & due to MD he falls regularly as well as having difficulty with basic movements. Is there a way to apply for disability while he’s working so that there is not a gap with his income?

    • Thank you for your question Cheryl. Disability Benefits are paid to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to result in death. If you are working in 2016 and your earnings average more than $1,130 a month, generally, you may not be considered disabled. In addition to the amount of money you make, Social Security may also look at the number of hours you’re able to work. If your husband thinks that he is disabled under our rules, he can apply for disability benefits online. Please visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” web page on disability for more information. Your husband can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday or contact the local Social Security office for further assistance.

  99. I got a partial disability from a judge last yr but social security says it doesnt exsist. The reason I got it was because I had to have implants put in my eyes and because I had a brain tumor that was begning taken out. I had been working on my disability since 2012 that was prior to the judgesruling but she gave me a lump sum I got like 4000 but I only recieved two thousand the lawyer got the rest but I dont think this is fair because I cant work. Im still under a doctors care for another yr and a half for brain tumor plus I have stenosis and degenerative disc disease I have to take shots every three months for my back there are days I cant get out of bed for awhile because my back hurts so much. I cant draw disability because social security doesnt see my back problem as an issue and my brain tumor. It stae the even if I had a brain tumor removed and it was begnin and I had the disc desease that that was cause for disability is that not true.

    • Yikes, if what you say is true about your lawyer taking 50%, you might want to look into that. Not even sure if that’s legal. I believe it’s capped at 25%?

      • Social Security assumes than an attorney or an appointed representative will charge a fee when representing a claimant, unless the fee is waived. Under current law, when the Court issues a favorable decision, we withhold (up to) 25 percent of the claimant’s AND the claimant’s auxiliaries past-due benefits. A fee agreement, also limits how much of a claimant’s past-due benefits an attorney can collect: No more than 25% of your past-due benefits and that includes any children in the account, but only up to a maximum of $6,000. We hope this information helps.

  100. Gary Ferone, Stamford, CT is the franchise owner of Assisting Hands Home Care which provides home care services such as preparing meals, helping with daily routines, housekeeping, assisting in shopping, etc. to elders and disabled individuals
    Gary Ferone Stamford

  101. My Boyfriend is an HVAC guy had a heart attack 2 yrs ago that has done damage to it.. his heart is only beating at 20% and hes really week but has to keep working cause of bills hes being sent to a heart transplant doctor my question is hes fighting to stay working cause of bills but shouldnt be working..does he have to quit to apply??

  102. I see so many people complain about the Social Security Administration and benefits. What you need to remember is that there are strict rules for both types of benefits. In order to qualify you must meet those rules. The first thing to do if you are going to apply is RESEARCH the process, how it works and what is expected of YOU. Always keep good records for your illness or disability, this is paramount. When you apply you will recieve new paperwork to fill out. Give yourself some time, fill it out accurately and honestly, don’t rush, however return the paperwork in a timely fashion. Once it leaves your local office it will go to the Disability review board, you will then have to fill out more paperwork. Then you wait. I did all of the above, on my own, and the process took about 4 months. Occasionally you can check your application online, it will just tell you where the application is and if a decision has been made. When your application is in medical review, you can all your representative to inquire “if they need any other paperwork”, DO NOT ASK HAVE YOU MADE A DECISION YET. These SS workers have hundreds of cases at a time and they work on them as recieved. But to make sure you were not lost in the shuffle, do check on your application. Again, research the process, review your own medical records, make sure your doctor sends your medical records when requested and follow up with them (the Dr.), take your time filling out the application, be honest and accurate with your timeline. Good luck to those applying.

  103. Once last thing I forgot to mention. The standard forms to fill out for a disability are not ‘job friendly’ in that they do not conform to every type of job. I had many employers in a single year so it became very difficult to give SS all the information they needed for a specific job. My solution was to create a spreadsheet to outline, employers, rates, dates, job duties etc. My disability affected every aspect of my job and eventually I could not function and be hired. But most people have only one job or career so the forms will not be so difficult. Again, just outline your work timetable, dates, rates, duties, functions etc. ahead of time and it will make filling out the application much easier. With the interenet you will found many helpful hints and information to fill out your forms properly. The Social Security Admin is the perfect place to start and you will recieve the correct information. Call them if you need help, they are very accomodating.

  104. My husband is on disability & had been receiving a check each month. He was granted $750 (rounded figure) a month, which he started out. After a few months into his checks, he started receiving $100 less. We went to our bank & the lady said that Social Security must have taken out for health ins. He’s on my insurance through my company. This was taken out WITHOUT permission from my husband. Lady @ the bank stated that he should be reimbursed. (happened to her mother & she got reimbursed) She counted it up and it came to $1,500, that should be due him. At SS, he was told, w/ attitude, that he wouldn’t get reimbursed because “it had been used”. We’re thinking about getting a lawyer! How can it be used when payments were coming from my insurance for his medical visits?

    • Thank you for your comment Michele. Individuals are automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B after they receive disability benefits for 24 months. They are properly notified and because individuals must pay a premium for Part B coverage, they do have the option of turning it down. A beneficiary may refuse Medicare Part B, during his or her Initial Enrollment Period, if that beneficiary or the spouse, actively works and has coverage under a group health plan based on that employment, then he or she doesn’t need Medicare part B until the work activity ends or that health care coverage is dropped. However, we always suggest that individuals speak to their personnel office, health benefits advisor, or health plan representative to see what’s best for them, and to prevent any penalties or delayed enrollment in the future. Based on the information you provide, your husband should consider disenrollment from Medicare Part B. For specific questions, your husband should call us at 1-800-772-1213, M-F between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and ask a representative to assist him, or contact the local office directly. To learn more about the Medicare enrollment periods visit http://www.Medicare.gov.

  105. I am new to this got a infection in my leg’s in 2010 been in wheel chair every since just wan’t to live a normal life. lost my right leg in feb, of this year. tired of being stuck at the house all the time but i manage need some way to get around. not used to not being able to go fishing or just go out in the wood’s every know and then. I’am not going to give up until I’am gone. just wish i knew how to get help getting the thing’s i need if anyone can help me please let me know I don’t like begging so thank’s.

    • Individuals may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which they live. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems. You can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services or welfare office. Or you can visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) web page for more information. We hope this information helps!

  106. hi i just got approved for ssi, but i don’t understand why i don’t get ssdi , i have worked all my life ,and there is a big difference in money , so please let me know thank you

    • Thank you for your question Christina! When it comes to qualifying for disability benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI program, you must be “currently insured” or have worked long enough —and— recently enough—under Social Security. Credits are the “building blocks” we use to find out whether you have the minimum amount of covered work to qualify for each type of Social Security benefits. See Insured Status Requirements for more information.
      If you have specific questions about your situation, please call our toll free number, 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Thanks!

  107. I retired early after 30 years as a mental health nurse to care fort my mom and dad. When I turned 62 I signed up and started drawing my social security. I have been diagnosed over 5 years ago with an auto immune disorder that manifests in, rheumatoid arthritis, hasimotod, gerd. My full retirement age is 67 . Can I reply for social security disability.

    • Hi Patricia. We are sorry to hear about your medical situation. You can apply for Disability Benefits before you reach your full retirement age. Disability payments are established at the highest rate possible, meaning you could get a higher monthly benefit amount. We can continue paying your retirement benefits while we consider your application and wait for a medical decision. In addition to meeting our definition of disability, you must have worked long enough–and recently enough–under Social Security to qualify for disability benefits. For more information and to see if you should apply for disability benefits, we urge you to contact your local office or call us at 1-800-772-1213 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday through Friday and ask one of our representatives to assist you. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. We hope this information helps you.

  108. I had a upper lobe to my long removed. I had a carcinoid tumor, stage 1. I’ve lost tremendous airway to my lungs . Every Time I try to talk I lose air and start coughing. Walking is also challenging. I now have numbness in my fingers to my left hand which is due to nerve damage from the lung surgery. Is there any way this would qualify for social security disability ?

  109. I’ve worked full time for 36 years. I worked through the pain of osteoarthritis until I needed a total hip replacement. I will require another as well. I will also need knee surgery. I was laid off work and I’ve spent my entire retirement. I have been denied SSDI twice and I cannot find a job that I can physically perform. I ask why after 36 years of hard work and paying my taxes I can’t get help. Work was my life and now it appears to be gone. I keep working now to get a job I can perform and the state has helped me as best as they can. I just don’t understand why I have to live this way in America.

  110. Hello! My disability started last August 2016. My disability ran out and I am new to all this SS stuff. I have been waiting for my work to find me a new job that can accommodate my disability.

    I orginial denied the offer of possibly receiving the SSI payments (failed job interview). My situation has changed and I really could use the SSI thing. Is that a possibility? And what should I do next?

    • Hi Dolores. In your situation, it is best to contact your local Social Security office or call 1-800-772-1213 and speak to one of our representatives. Representatives at our toll-free number are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Thanks!

  111. My name is Adrian Lewis and I have been disabled for years with chronic physical conditions, some of which I was born with and I suffer from mental health(post-traumatic stress syndrome, depression, mood disorder issues brought on by trauma and pure hell. I didn’t ask to be sick and I have done EVERYTHING in my power to get better so I can feel better. I have lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan since I was 18 and I’m 46 now.

  112. In 1999, I was deathly ill and requested respite from Kent County DHS and was denied the help because I refused to voluntarily sign documents to place my children into foster care. DHHS used my physical health problems—and the fact I could not work to take my children. THEY CALL ME BEING ILL NEGLIGENCE and that’s discrimination. Why is that allowed? I finally got approved for SSI in Arkansas in 2015, moved back to Michigan June, 2015 and was declared no longer disabled by the DHHS medical review team. I have one child in my custody and I had her to prove that I love my children and that I’m a good parent. Michigan HAS NEVER APPROVED ME FOR SSI!

  113. My niece that I have custody of has been diagnosed with major depression with severe reoccurrence, severe anxiety, ADHD and panic attacks that come on 3 or 4 times a week. Her depression and Social Anxiety is so bad she is unable to go to school so she has a homebound teacher coming in twice a week to work with her. Is she able to get disability for this?

    • Thank you for your question Christina. We pay disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security disability insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a needs based disability program that pays benefits to people with limited income and resources who are disabled, blind, or age 65 or older. Blind or disabled children may also get SSI. If a person thinks that he or she meets our definition of disability, we encourage them to apply for disability benefits when they become disabled.
      Please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Or contact your local Social Security office directly. We hope this information helps.

  114. My father came here in america when he was 70 yrs old,he worked for 7yrs, and he contributed in his social security for 6-7yrs, Right now he has SSI, if he wants to go home to the country where he came from, can he bring his SSI then. I hope you can help him. He is old he wants to see my siblings.

    • The Supplemental Security Income or SSI program is a needs-based program that pays benefits to disabled adults and children, and the elderly (65 and older); who have limited income and resources. Generally, SSI payments cannot be made to individuals who are absent from the country for a full calendar month or for 30 consecutive days or more. SSI recipients traveling outside the U.S. for an extended amount of time, need to tell Social Security the date they plan to leave and the date they plan to come back. Then we can let them know whether their SSI payments will be affected. See REPORTING RESPONSIBILITIES.

  115. I had a stroke in 2011, MRI showed I had multiple sclerosis, but was not told by the doctor. I had another stroke in 2015, and they finally said I might have ms, because the MRI in 2011 and 2015 showed numerous new active lesions. Started seeing neurologist. Finally diagnosed with MS after not knowing for 4 yrs I had it.
    I worked as an RN in the ED 21 years. I had to stop working due to my ms symptoms, memory loss,unable to remember my passwords to computers for charting, my colleagues thought something was wrong with me. After passing out at work, falling calling hand surgery, memory loss problems, numb extremities when you least expect it,. Calling in sick all the time because my ms would cause severe eye pain with headache and vertigo, I almost got fired. Finally in January 2015, when I couldn’t remember a simple task I had done for 21 yrs I quit that night after my shift.
    Ms affects people differently. We may look ok from the outside, but on the inside, it’s a living nightmare. I’ve told my family many times I would rather have cancer than to struggle daily with this horrible disease.
    Numbness tingling in extremities foot completely numb to where I can’t walk until it wakes up, severe fatigue, sweating daily dripping from body, balance issues, eye problems, blurred vision vision loss in one eye at anytime, not remembering how to spell a simple word, incontinent at work all night I finally left work, embarrassing, to anxiety, hi problems not to mention hair falling out due to ms drug symptoms, not driving due to concentration problems, I can’t work, hardly take showers because I have to take a nap afterwards because it wears me out. All of the above, add on 4 herniated lower discs, currently being treated, unable to climb stairs, can’t run anymore, fall down or legs give out, walking at Kroger one day, right leg quits working, falling reinjury to rt thumb after surgery.
    Yep, it’s all happened. Ran red light due to concentration problems, family drives me everwhere.
    So I applied for disability, for multiple sclerosis, and was DENIED!!!!!
    I can’t remember birthdays sometimes, passwords, can climb stairs walking 50 feet feels like I ran a marathon and literally fall to the floor before you pass out. But I was denied disability benefits. Worked in medical field since 18, RN in the ER for 21 years full-time constantly 12 hour shifts.
    I can’t work and i know it, but what does it take for social security administration to approve my disability is real.
    I have seen my whole life people disabled for back pain, stress, lupus, fibromyalgia, headaches, depression, PTSD which I do have working with trauma every night for 21 years.

    But the SS department can’t find me as being disabled. When I can’t remember a password, simple tasks like walking, driving, performing RN tasks I’ve done for 21 yrs, what other proof do I need.

    I know the medical profession very well. I have seen the disabilities of people who walk, laugh, talk on cell phones, able to talk without stopping, running, griping all while in the ED for medical reasons. but for me trying to figure out which word I wanted to use or forget a conversation I was talking about and stop in the middle because I. completely forget what the conversation, I think it’s time to reassess disability benefits and approvals and denials

    With all my ms symptoms above you would think I would get approval for disability! Not a chance. Maybe a second time approval? NO YOU HAVE BEEN FOUND YOUR MS IS not that disabling, so you CAN WORK. Yet while writing this my left hand went completely numb. It aggregates me that I’ve worked so hard for so long working 6 days a week12 hour night shifts working at 3 different hospitals, one would think I’ve paid in enough SS.

    I am very angry about how we are just numbers at the SS department. How can you qualify a person able to work through a phone call. Medical records sure. But they state test results.

    MS has no cure. I’m only going to get worse. I feel the ss administration doesn’t understand multiple sclerosis symptoms and the horrible effects it has on everyone with it. I would rather have cancer than suffer this way.

    I’m finally getting an attorney to help me with my appeal. I just wanted to rant about how I was denied disability benefits for my ms disease and angry when I hear stories of people getting approval for back pain, headaches but can’t seem to approve people diagnosed with MS. I wish you could live in my body just one day, then I bet you would understand.

  116. My best friend tried to get disability for COPD and variety of heart issues. He had to hire a lawyer, still turned down. He tried to work, suffered a heart attack and died at the age of 58. This Vietnam vet should have been treated better. Is the average time to receive approval really 5 years? Is it your goal to save money by hoping many will die during the five year wait?

    • We are sorry for the loss of your best friend Lee. The length of time it takes to process a disability claim and to receive a decision on that claim, can vary depending on several factors. Primarily, the nature of your disability, how quickly we obtain medical evidence from your doctor or other medical sources, and if your claim is randomly selected for a quality assurance review of the decision. See our Disability Determination Process web page for more information.

  117. yes i agree with the poeple who say social security is a joke , I have tryied to work all my life but haqve had a condition that prevents me I am fine sometimes but latley, im fine once a month for a while then back to finders and toes come apart extreme pain in my flank I get x rays blood test and the whole bit they keep saying we cant see anything wrong with you the pain in your joints , old age the stomach pains Ibs the eye problems you arent going blind a little cataracts and retinal detach ment thats all you can still see a little your good the kidney stones are in one place and thats not a problem oh and the adreanl tumor dosent seem to bee active its not the problem your collapsed lung is fine your oxegen is 98 your heart is fine a little stops now and again no problem alittle asprin and you can leave the hospital after 5 days of tests we dont see anything wrong with you stop wasting tax payers money …the social security office also lost all my records …so they went with the backup the one where my new doc last year said bob has somatic complaints of partial paralisis and blindness intermittent and is a frequnent er pateint and needs to be evauated for opiate dependantcy so I went throught more tests piss tests and they determined i was on opiates and acoloh oh wait we mixed up yopu test !

    theres no way! suddenly i was told i have missed 3 appionments on the same day i was in the hospital with another attack of so called anxiety
    oh and somatic crap ! it means im a faker in laymans terms for what? attention i cant speak about ti to anyone !
    if I tell my boss of I cant worjk the sun is out and i puke the first sunny day all day or and my hands will come aprt tommorw ! oh or that when i have this problem my pee turns purple ! recenly 2 weeks ago i started extreme reactionds to the sun and stopped breathing ! now i have a diagnosis porphyria ! hahaha !
    I was right it all was related and every time i went to the hospital they took blood for tests and gave me glucose for dehydration that saved me even as doctors told me dont keep going to the er ! noe i have damage to my kidneys lung heart and brain I have nump legs and arms on an off and one day will need a resperator ! but then oh yeah im afaked and wil not get social security in time for any help if next year any of us are alive ! its so fair and legal ! I have been leid to all my life this disease it easy to diagnose but I have the label hypochondriact
    and was ignored even when i was a young kid I was ccalled a snezzer and wheezer and was told it was acute idiopathic chidhood atrhritis and had asprin thearapy whith cased a largebleed and put me in remission for a few years I would have cuts appear and open and bled profusely and was accused of doing it to myself! and put on terrible anti seizure and anti depressants that almost killed me ! its so very fair now im 57 and cant work have about 40 dollars to my name just paid bills so i wont be homeless for christmas onca again I have been denide for 30 years social security evertime without even a hearing without a doctore=seeing me and now im told my appeal was denied I once had a facilatator she was also useless
    social security needs a new name social …insecurity
    why is this ? I personamly know drug addicts and drunks who get approved first time no lawer
    I now have a lawyer

    • I still have trouble I was in the er and stopped breathing nothing was done and i was treated like a cronic complainer
      pushed out into the lobby in a wheel chair

  118. How can one get health insurance while in college and has a disability. My daughters boyfriend was born with only one hand and has overcome lots of obstacles. Will be doing his internship this spring in accounting and will graduate in May. An exceptional student, but when sick, will not go to the dr. Because he has no insurance? Anyone know of a program for him? Both parents are deceiced.

  119. here I am again and it looks like i will get a lawer and trie for disability , but trump is in office in about 3 weeks and social security and disability may be a thing of the past ….
    like decency and compassion , all gone in russia disabled and mental ill dissapear ! thats how trump will deal with me! and 30 milllion others suddenly heath care will end! I will have no medicine and then what? just as I get answers !

  120. Hi, I am concerned, I just had a review and told the truth about everything, now because one of my daughter’s had me add my name on to one of her purchased by her home, my benefits are about to stop. I don’t understand, I told the reviewer, that I am not associated with that property in no way what so ever and he says that it’s the law! Well, is it the law to stop the only income source that is required to live? What can I do to keep my benefits? Without it, I’ll have nothing but the shell of a home (which I did purchase with my back pay and live in). By the way, The only reason I added my name on my daughter’s property is because I was homeless and she promised to allow me to stay in the home for a year. Which by the way, never happen. I was homeless from 2013 to 2014, again at 2015 to 2016 which is when I was able to purchase my home.

  121. I have been diagnosed with COPD for over 7 years. A couple of months ago it got harder and harder to breathe. All medication prescribed by my doctor were not working. In November 2016 i read in a health forum of a herbal clinic (NewLife Herbal Clinic) who sell herbal remedy to cure diseases including COPD, i immediately contacted the herbal clinic via their website and purchased the COPD herbal remedy. I used the herbal remedy for 7 weeks all my symptoms were reversed, i did another lungs function test and CT scan to be sure, my doctor confirmed my airway are repaired. Final breakthrough for all living with COPD/emphysema

  122. I receive SSI Disability monthly income. I have L.A. Medicare health insurance. Am I covered for vasectomy surgical procedure?….

  123. on the ssa.gov website it says (A Decision Has Been Made On Your Benefit Application
    Your claim for Disability benefits has been processed. A notice has been sent to you with a detailed explanation of the decision.
    If you disagree with the decision, you may request an appeal within 60 days of the date on the “Notice of Decision” you receive. Does this mean approved or denied? Why doesn’t it just tell me?

    • Hi Stephen, because of security reasons we do not have access to personal records in this blog and cannot provide specific information in regards to your claim. Please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. or visit your local Social Security office for further assistance. Generally, you’ll have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week or later in the day.

  124. I am not sure where to ask a question like this, but i n short I was laid from the last company I worked for in 2010, since I could not longer make it in to the office and the company in this case is not my problem. Having not missed a day of working since I was 17 years old, this came as a chock, but the idea of applying for SSDI was never an option for me. It took trying to create a business from home, where I hoped I’d be able to pull together 3 days and due to my education and knowledge of Computer Science, when it became obvious, that I could not get off a couch except to see a Doctor, finally my wife called an attorney and warned me that if I did not apply, I could lose the ability to. I did, April 15, 2015 and chose to apply on my own, since I had years of medical records and had been visiting physicians who were conducting 6-8 injections, FR Ablations, and a host of other procedures. When SSDI was first denied, I’m not sure how, but the attorney somehow was able to get me a trial with what was called an ALJ. After everything was presented, the ALJ made an immediate based on what he explained I fell into, 1.04 and 1.04 and in his opinion he included a term I had never seen called Chronic Intractable Pain Disease. He then did something unexpected. Looking at my medical records and how long I have been getting procedures, combined with trying two total knee replacements, he backdated the SSDI to Dec. 22, which is when the last company I worked for had no choice but to let me go.

    To make an already long email short, I learned everything possible about this disease, how unabated daily 24/7 pain leads to cardiac issues (my BP cannot be lowered with normal BP medication) and averages 185/95 daily along with Tachycardia.

    I agree to file for SSDI with the intention of getting surgeries, which would allow me to return to work. I began with two total knee replacements, and the second failed, so I have been stuck with crutches. Lastly, I visited two of Boston’s best Neurologists both of whom stated, I am not a candidate for either what would constitute three lower back surgeries, and likely, due to the conditions of my cervical both refused to perform what is called an ACDF.

    The pain has become so bad, that at first an endocrinologist believed I had Addison’s disease. Over a period of 9 months and multiple tests Primary, Secondary and Tertiary (as well as any pituitary tumors) were all rules out and with six months of Cortisol replacement therapy (Hydrocortisone 30mgs daily) from the firsi HPA Axis where my AM Cortisol was 1.8, with ACTH of 9, the doctor was certain I he missed something so he conducted what was called an ACTH stimulation test. My Cortisol which had dropped to a even more dangerous level went from the base reading of 0.8 to 16.5 with the stimulation, proving my body can make cortisol. To end this, after much research by the Endo, he concluded the cortisol was depleted due to years of under-treated pain combined with way too much Injection Therapy and not enough Pain Medicine,. Although I admit this was partially my fault, due to a general dislike of opioids, except after a surgical procedure and then only for 1-2 weeks. In short I’ve been an idiot and when I presented this to the Pain Doctor who had been treating me, he scoffed on the report from the Endocrinologist and with no notice, or cause (which he admitted) he abandoned me as a patient. All I have been told is “get a lawyer” to which I reply: “To what end?” A lawyer cannot treat my conditions, and my objection is to get off disability and back to work, which is obviously impossible.

    Finally, It was also suggestion that what happened with me go far beyond abandonment, and that it was a civil rights violation to hand a patient one final prescription, not provide a reason for the dismissal, not try to help find another physician and all because I asked for a referral to a larger hospital which is suggested when treating the multiple problems with IP Disease.

    Again, the question lingers. So what if this doctor committed a civil rights violation? Yes, he is a bad and unethical doctor, but I am not in a position to take up a cause.

    I keep asking, to what end? Let’s say he’s convicted and I am awarded lots of money. What good is money when I am stuck on a couch 24/7 with unabated pain, unless I am forced to see a doctor? Also, there is treatment for me, neither I nor my wife have squandered our money, so I am not interested in winning any kind of law sure, or anything. I need help getting a doctor.

    I do not know what to do, I am unable to find a doctor, even this post took almost an hour since I am not able to sit for more that 10-15 minutes without numbness in my feet and hands. If anyone has suggestions on how to get help, or can guide me to an attorney in MA that is NOT interested in Malpractice, but can perhaps act as an advocate for me to find a new physician. Any suggestion would be appreciated, I’ve been dealing with uncontrolled BP for almost two years and found out about how pain can deplete cortisol when it is not treated. I don;t want sit here and end up dead and I am not one, who can every take their life, like many I have read about. This should not be happening to me when there is treatment, but where it seems I have come to learn, politics is more important with health and a person can find a physician to treat them and yes, it’s partly me, due to not having the energy. Any suggestions would be appreciated,. Thank you and my prayers go out to others who are in my situation.

  125. Here’s a good one for you… medicaid cut me off just after a hernia surgery. I have PAH and qualified as disabled (believe me, I’d rather be running marathons and working 60 hour weeks.. No longer happening under the ACA).
    The Dr who led me through this DIED a few years ago and his inept office left me with nothing in the way of :the Doc died, here are your medical records” AND I recently started seizures ending the pathetic p/t job of mine.

    I am 9 days away from no heart meds and no anti seizure meds with what will become bran damaging seizure after seizure.

    Why is this happening? Any ideas where to go?

  126. Great Post with valuable information. The persons with disability can get lots of details from this post. Thanks for sharing.

  127. I’m on SSI and under the MIE status and my health condition hasn’t really improved and have been diagnosed as having mild to moderate COPD now. Can I try to apply for permant disability?

  128. hello, I receive SSI and have for the past 2 1/2 years, My question is can my Hubby file and receive his SSDI and if so will it affect my SSI . He has had 2 knee surgeries in the past year and it affects his every day life from walking etc, and has problems standing for just a short time,bending Squatting twisting

  129. Can I leave USA when I am in appeal process for SSD and I am waiting for hearing to be scheduled ?
    My mother is very old and sick and he can pass away any moment and I like to go to see her and spent last days with her.
    ( I sent my appeal 10 Months ago )

    • Hi Senad. We are sorry to hear about your mother’s medical condition. Please contact your local Social Security office to update or provide your contact information. We recommend that you notify your attorney (if you have one) and the local hearing office handling your case. Also, you can call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 and ask one of our agents to assist you. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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